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The new bar that lets you breathe gin and tonics

Has the effort of lifting your G&T glass to your lips always been a chore for you? Well, at one Brisbane Festival installation, you can get tipsy through the mere action of breathing. The futuristic bar is called the G&T Cloud Experience, and is part of the wildly creative Fear & Delight, a dinner show unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Breathing booze isn’t even the strangest part of the event, with blood shots, charcuterie served on skulls and soup in syringes all on offer throughout the dinner theatre, all designed to shock and awe. But back to the bar, which will see the alcoholic vapour from a gin and tonic pumped into the air where you can breathe it, absorb it in through your eyeballs and essentially get boozed just from being there. Created to stimulate all the senses, the unusual method apparently stops hangovers and cuts out the calories, all so you can enjoy a gin and tonic to its fullest. And don’t worry, it would take 40 minutes in the bar to absorb the equivalent of one gin and tonic, but you won’t be able to stay in there that long. So there’ll be no overdosing here. As a part of Fear & Delight, you can get tickets to the whole shebang here, which runs until Friday, September 25, and includes dinner and a show. Breathe responsibly. Words by Ranyhyn Akui