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The Montague Hotel

Pubs are a godsend if you want to watch the game or sink back a few beers, but it’s a rare thing for one to make an impression with modern-inspired décor, or boast much beyond the classic parmy (hey, no hate here). Here’s where Monty bursts through the door to save the day (Monty being a new gastropub; the door being West End). It feels like a pub, it is a pub – but it doesn’t look like a pub, and that is a pretty big plus. The Montague Hotel, aptly nicknamed ‘The Monty’ (or just Monty if you get really comfortable with each other) is set to open doors on Wednesday 19 April. The Monty will boast an 80 seat restaurant, though the venue itself will have a massive 400 person capacity. OK, pick your jaw up off the floor – we’re about to drop it again with the sprawling new menu options. The main menu is extensive on its own – you can expect an abundance of sides and meals. We’ve got our eyes on the gourmet crab burger, charcoal Greek-style lamb, and the board for two, which includes a little bit of everything deep fried or glazed. Trying to opt out of the stretchy pants and carb-heavy pub meals? Unlike most other brewhouses, The Monty even welcomes the health-conscious crowds with a nutritionist-designed superfood menu. Indulge without the guilt and try their rainbow wrap, clean and green pasta, or alkaline salad. Drinks-wise, you’ll probably have trouble deciding what you want, ‘cause everything. Looks. So. GOOD! Rather than constricting you to a few tinnies, The Monty proffers 17 different tap beers and a host of different wines – but it’s the cocktail list that really has us excited. With a range of signatures that include the Monty-carlo – a mix of gin, watermelon, lemon, sugar and peach bitters – share jugs, classic cocktails, and premium spirits, one thing’s very clear: The Monty is no average pub. New local? We think so. Words by Nicole Portacha and Samantha Chariton