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The lowdown on Brisbane’s spicy salami

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When it comes to spicy cured meats there are oodles of Brisbane delis for meat-loving foodies to feast their eyes on. We’ve put together a list of some of our favourite preserved meat providores. Jim’s Jerky | Carindale and Chermside Good ol’ Jimmy has it all when it comes to jerky and biltong. If you’re wondering what the difference between the two is, jerky and biltong come from exactly the same beef, it’s just the way they are sliced that determines their different textures. Jerky is sliced much thinner than biltong, making it chewier whereas biltong holds a little moisture. The more you know, right? Anyway, Jim’s jerky comes in so many flavours it could make a jerky lover cry. Especially if they’re munching on the chilli flavoured jerky. Wow-zah, it packs a punch. Providore | Marina Mirage Make sure you hold onto your wallet when walking into the Providore Deli because the amount of gourmet deli items will blow your savings away. This deli has pretty much every item you could possibly dream off that would be suitable for a dinner party. Our favourite section in the store? The glass counter that contains fresh salads, rich cakes and of course an array of deli meats. If you need a little nudge, try the prosciutto. New Farm Deli & Café | New Farm One word to describe the cured meats available at New Farm Deli: bellissimo. The New Farm Deli is no secret to Brisbane foodies. It’s been Brisbane’s go to destination for all traditional deli things, European and Italian, since 1977. Their selection of cheeses, meats and delicacies is one to be boasted and we can’t help but give their Chorizo Pamplona a mention. Simon’s Gourmet Gallery | Chapel Hill West-siders rejoice! There is a deli on your humble side of town. Simon’s provides all of your necessary deli items to create the perfect antipasto platter, including the all-important sliced meats. Slice off a slab of salami to spice up your cheese platter. Jump into Brisbane’s cured meat scene if you haven’t already. Get exploring and add a little pizzazz to any antipasto. Off you go. Words by Caitlin Adamson