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The locally made sweets you should have tried by now

You know what they say: If you like it then you should’ve put meringue on it. And if we’re talking edible Christmas gifts, you should take that literally, because nothing says ‘You’re sweet’ like a box of Lucid Sweets’ bright and perfectly crafted meringues. Edible gifts? More like edible jewels! We’ve been drooling over Lucid Sweets’ social feeds for a while, so when we heard they would be hitting markets around town with their treats, we may have jumped up and down a little. Chocolate dipped, Reese’s peanut butter cup and Golden Gaytime meringues every weekend? We got a sugar high just thinking about it. Of course if you just can’t wait for their market visits or just one box of the goodies could never be enough, Lucid Sweets also make to order, with a whole world of sweet possibilities just ready to be delivered. Whether you’re sweetening up a dessert table or just in need of a serious sugar hit, their sugary creations are the Beyonces of the dessert world, and are always ready for the spotlight. From bite-sized strawberry and cream kisses to epic Oreo topped mini pavlovas, these divas look good on their own or piled onto towers for a sweet centerpiece that will have everyone crazy in love with them. Planning a themed birthday party for a gang of youngsters? A stack of multi-coloured bubble gum meringues will send them into a frenzy, and not just from the sugar. For more grown up gatherings, or just to plop down on the morning tea table and make sure every one has a good day, flavours like coconut daydream and pistachio and rosewater will have you giddy with delight. If you’re particular about your colour scheme, Lucid Sweets will even create a batch or perfectly matched meringues just for you! Oh you have a gold and aqua wedding planned? Well we just made your lolly buffet a million times sweeter. If it’s just a couple of meringues you’re after (though you’ll never be able to stop at 1 or 2), you can stay up to date with which markets Lucid Sweets is stopping at next on their Facebook page. But if you can’t wait, head to their website to find out how to order them and get your hands on the sweetest dessert Brisbane has to offer! Words by Ranyhyn Akui