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The kimchi lowdown

Has anyone else noticed the peculiar food trend in our midst? First it was quinoa, then kale – gym junkies and health nuts discover a miraculous new superfood, and then the rest of us hijack it for our own indulgent purposes. No sooner could they whip out their iPhones for their #cleaneating lunch, before the internet was riddled with recipes for chocolate quinoa cupcakes. The latest fit foodie fad is all things fermented – they’re crazy about all things sour, like kombucha tea, sauerkraut, and its spicy cousin, kimchi – currently being touted as one of the world’s healthiest foods. So, true to form, we’ve gathered a list of delicious recipes incorporating the heat-bringing, Korean miracle-food (health benefits may vary). Cabbage Kimchi | The Kitchn Base recipe for the goodies to come, and an all-round good guy of the food world – high in vitamins, pro-biotic, cholesterol lowering, and an anti-depressant…hang onto this one kids. Kimchi1 Kalbi Steak Kimchi Grilled Cheese | Damn Delicious Because nothing says super food like adding cream sauce, two different cheeses and a slab of red meat. This is the ultimate comfort food – definitely a must try for Spice Month, before toastie weather disappears. kimchigrilledcheese Kimchi Pancakes| My Korean Kitchen Crunchy, super easy, laden with chilli and won’t give your personal trainer a heart attack – we’re onto a winner! These tasty traditional bites use the leftover liquid in your kimchi jar so you can get the most out of every last, spicy drop. kimchipancake Hot Dog with Kimchi Relish | Steamy Kitchen This is why multicultural food is the bomb. Take what is wonderful but arguably one of the most bogan foods in existence, add some spicy foreign flair and you’ve got yourself a fancy dish my friend. kimchihotdog Kimchi Bloody Mary| Food and Wine Don’t look at us like that, this makes perfect sense and you know it. Turn up Mary’s traditional heat with Sriracha chilli sauce and the probiotic goodness of pureed kimchi for a drink that’ll warm you in more ways than one. kimchibloodymary Kimchi Dumplings | Rasa Malaysia We’re crazy about dumplings – what’s not to love about a tiny morsel that can be popped into your mouth in one go, but can boast the flavour of an entire meal? Try these bite sized explosions of kimchi with pork and shrimp with zesty ginger. kimchidumplings Kimchi Spiced Snickerdoodles| Los Angeles Magazine Kimchi comes in cookie form – we can now die happy. Admittedly there’s not actually any cabbage in them, but these spicy little sweet treats still pack a punch.   With this list, you are now well equipped to wipe cookie crumbs and cheese grease from your chin while feeling smug about your new health-food habit, because as well all now know, kimchi renders all cholesterol redundant – you’re welcome. Words by Jessimin Horder