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The ingredient disappearing from Queensland shelves

Brace yourselves, foodies: we’ve got some serious news to discuss. Like, dinner-altering levels of serious. As of Saturday 1 April, all Queensland herb gardens will lose one very controversial member. Yup, you know who we’re talking about – it’s the one plaguing our takeaway Thai orders, would-be tasty curries, and every friggin’ single bao we’ve ever ordered. Every sprig of coriander in Queensland is about to up and leaf at the order of state premier, Annastacia Palaszczuk. We have a feeling the curve ball comes after an overly decorative Vietnamese salad, but have received no official word from the premier herself as yet. Seriously, though – this means big things in the Brisbane restaurant world, and frankly, it’s not all bad. While the sudden recall will force restaurant owners state-wide to rethink their recipe lists, coriander has been earning a reputation as the attention-seeker of the food world. The herb has alienated diners for years, sticking in teeth, over-encumbering soft tortilla tacos, and even entering the occasional cocktail. One thing’s for sure: it’ll take thyme for this decision to blow over.