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The Gresham Bar

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Smack bang in the centre of town sprouts the newest (yet oldest) whisky bourbon bar the town has seen! Famous for its heritage-listed site, The Gresham Bar pokes its nose out on the corner of Queen and Creek Streets – a site it shares with the NAB bank. Keeping the tradition alive, the bar is themed to create the atmosphere of a bygone era. Step inside and you’ll find old an array of old fashioned whimsical upholstered furniture with old style furnishings such lampshades, a bank safe, and even a peacock! With an impressive menu of cocktails, bourbons, and whiskies the bartenders will cater to any mood or palette that waltzes on in. A few of our favourites are: The Gresham lane: (off the tap) Rye, Cherry Cola, Lime Not your traditional Spider, but a cool cleanser. Perfect for the start of the night, or the end. There’s a story here, so talk to your bartender. The Royal Salute: Bourbon, PX Sherry, Bitters, Banana, Smoke Midnight LullabyeRye, Blackberry Apple Shrub, Peach, Cardamom  SunnysideVodka, Coconut, Passionfruit, Vanilla, Pineapple, Butter  Sit back on your bar stool and watch the show! Oh yeah, did we mention that one of their own won “Bartender of the year” at the 13th annual Australian Bar Awards presented by Australian Bartender Magazine Head on in to The Gresham Bar at 308 Queen Street, Brisbane.   Taylor Fielding