Brisbane's Best Buck's Night Ideas

Brisbane's Best Bucks Night Ideas

Bucks Brisbane

Letting your mates plan your Buck’s Night is risky, especially the one who knows all the staff at Showgirls by name.

Sure, we all know how you’re “supposed” to spend your Buck’s Night, but sometimes a man wants more than to spend his last night as a bachelor emptying his wallet in a sweaty strip-club or being pelted with paintballs.

So for the gallant groom-to-be, we’ve put together a list of places to make your Buck’s Night a perfect night of friendly competition, satisfying eats and lots and lots of booze.

Brisbane’s Best Bucks Night Ideas

Holey Moley| Fortitude Valley

All good Buck’s Nights start at church. That’s just the way it’s always been. Luckily this repurposed church is home to an extravagant mini golf course and bar.

Holey Moley has a selection of party packages for plenty of drinks, pizza and pies while you and your mates compete for supremacy on the green and the prestigious Holey Moley Trophy. Good luck!

Top Golf | Oxenford

Mini golf is fun and all, but few things are as satisfying as whacking the ball with the grace and technique of a pre-2009 Tiger Woods but the alcohol and party-vibe of a post-2009 Tiger Woods.

For our friends on the Gold Coast, Top Golf took the classic driving range and decided to add giant, colourful targets, electronic scoring and a full service bar and kitchen.

Choose from their extensive menu featuring cocktails, margaritas and “Golfbags” (cocktails served in a light-up, golf-bag-shaped mug) to be delivered to your private bay while you show off your golf swing.

Netherworld | Fortitude Valley

An oasis for gamers and geeks lost in the desert of Fortitude Valley, Netherworld is the place to be for retro games, stacks of board games and a seemingly endless stream of alcoholic elixirs.

Etch the story of your Buck’s Night in the stone tablets of history by recording a new pinball high score and capturing the illusive Creature from the Black Lagoon pin. Or just down a few house-made, “loaded” sodas and watch a Kurt Russel movie, anything is fair game.

Heya Bar | Fortitude Valley

Located deep(ish) below the surface of Fortitude Valley, Heya is the perfect place to indulge in liquor, shoot some pool and enjoy Asian street food against a market inspired backdrop.

Forget public displays of debauchery and spend your dignified Buck’s Night sipping on high-quality spirits as you navigate the network of private bars and secret rooms that Heya has to offer. The Cocktail Room, Tiki Tiki Gai and Pantry are all available for grooms-to-be.

Les Bubbles | Fortitude Valley

Where Queensland history meets a Buck’s two favourite pastimes: booze and meat.

Proudly boasting Brisbane’s best steak, Les Bubbles have offered the Bath-House to those celebrating their final night of single life.

Standing on grounds that once held the headquarters of an illegal casino at the centre of the Fitzgerald Enquiry, the Bath-House’s wild past provides the perfect atmosphere for a wild night, complete with private bar, DJ on request and canapés featuring Les Bubble’s signature steak frites. Shhh… we won’t tell.

Prohibition | Fortitude Valley

Don’t worry it’s just a name. When it comes to fine cocktails, nothing is off-limits at Prohibition. A throwback to American speakeasies of the 1920’s, Prohibition embodies everything romantic about the golden-age of illegal alcohol.

Celebrate in style with spectacular dancers and music and enjoy the VIP treatment with a booth package. The “bootleggers” at Prohibition have a steady flow of amazing cocktails to keep you and your crew roaring into the night. There’s a reason why this era set the standard for dinking culture around the world and why you might fee less than fresh tomorrow morning.

Every bachelor should have a wild and unique Buck’s Night so check out any of these places for a night you won’t (intentionally) forget.

Words by Josh Schultz

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