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The G&G guide to rainy days

It’s raining, it’s pouring and we’re all snoring because as Queenslanders, if the sun isn’t shining it's bloody bleak outside.

Lucky for all you tanned, athletic types – this G&G staffer has spent the better part of 26 years hiding her lily-white body from the sun, and as a result this rainy-day business is a cinch.

To prevent boredom, we recommend following our guide to rainy days.

Start with a coffee.

It’s Brisbane, so if it’s raining – even if it’s still 30 degrees – we all panic and throw on scarves and huddle over lattes.  But, since it is Brisbane, the rain could basically come at you from any angle so you’re going to want some indoor caffeine today. For cafes that won’t come with a side of pneumonia, grab a bagel at Scout, people watch at Gauge over garlic bread (trust us) or try the monthly French toast special at Smug Fig – you need to fuel up for a busy day of dodging puddles.

Get some culture in you!

You’ve got GOMA, the Queensland Art Gallery and the Queensland Museum on your doorstep, and they’re all (mostly) free! Dig out that beret and get some culture that doesn’t come from a dairy snack. Study the sculptures, puzzle over paintings and try your hand at the kid’s activities – no fighting toddlers please. Feeling particularly inspired after your gallery traipse? Head to Cork & Chroma and release your creativity, with a wine in hand of course.

Speaking of wine, anyone thirsty?

We might be known for our outdoor beer gardens and sundrenched decks, but we’re just as equipped to handle a downpour – and nothing gets in the way of us getting a cheeky tipple.

Whether beer, wine or cocktails are your poison – we’ve got the answer on where to grab a bev or two whilst you wait out the deluge. For beers, head downstairs to Archer’s Bunker for an underground schooner or two, or brave the nerds at Netherworld and fight zombies in between pints.

More about that sweet vino? Check out our guide to Brisbane’s Best Wine Bars – we’re sure there’s a wet weather Grenache with your name on it. In the spirit for drinking? Cosy up in a booth at Seymour’s Cocktail and Oyster Bar, or bunker down and sip on whisky at Cobbler or Savile Row.

Dig out your Splendour gumboots and brandish your umbrella – a little bit of rain can’t hurt you now! 

Words by Emma Callaghan
- the gourmand that hasn’t willingly seen sun since ’91