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The G&G guide to the Ekka!

It’s that time of year again, when country comes to town, entertainment is everywhere and a smorgasbord of food flows through the RNA showgrounds. With the smell of dagwood dogs in the air, the feel of sticky fairy floss on your fingers, and ice cream melting down your face you know its time for the Royal Queensland Show (also known as the Ekka, and ten days of shoving as much ice cream into our mouths as possible).

Tastes of Tradition

Who doesn’t love a bit of greasy grub and carnival food? You simply can’t leave the Ekka without having tasted some of the great culinary classics. Indulge in chocolate fudge covered strawberries, fresh scones and jam, the sugary goodness of fairy floss, and a freshly fried dagwood dog.

Strawberry Ice Cream Sundaes

We believe in balanced diet. At the Ekka that means an ice cream sundae in each hand. For some this is the be-all, end-all of the Ekka. It is melt in your mouth, strawberry ice cream from everyone’s favourite ice cream artisan LICK! a crunchy golden wafer cone, fluffy whipped cream, topped with fresh sweet strawberries. The iconic strawberry ice cream sundae has been satisfying sweet tooth for years.

Woolworths Fresh Food Pavilion

Visit this year’s Woolworths Fresh Food Pavilion for a sampling safari of fresh food straight from our local farmers. Learn first hand where your food comes from and let your taste buds go to a fresh food wonderland.

Courier Mail Royal Queensland Food and Wine Show Stage

Calling all foodies! Come and get up close and personal with some of Australia’s finest culinary kings. Learn some tricks of the trade, try not to drool, and be inspired by some of your favourite chefs during cooking demonstrations and discovering delicious recipes.

Gourmet Harvest Precinct

Get comfy and let your taste buds run wild. The Gourmet Harvest precinct has a variety of quality cuisines for all to consume. A food friendly nook, a place to sit down, relax and put the feet up while tucking into some of the Ekka’s finest flavours, including Australia’s best quality beef.

Show Bag Pavilion

Who would have thought a disposable plastic bag would ever be so exciting? I guess it’s true what they say, its what’s on the inside that really matters. The Show Bag Pavilion is a must. Dig into some golden oldies like Darrell Lee chocolate or a Bertie Beetle.

Sideshow Alley

Food coma or not there is always time to grab a buddy and jump on the bumper cars. Be adventurous, walk on the wild side, and satisfy your adrenalin needs in Sideshow Alley with loads of thrill seeking and tummy turning amusement rides. And that’s it for our Ekka guide. We’ll meet you by the sundae stand. Words by Millicent Bax