The garlic bread shortage is solved - with free cheese toast! | The Gourmand & Gourmet

The garlic bread shortage is solved - with free cheese toast!

Look, we’re not in the habit of frightening people – particularly when it comes to food shortages (what IS a skipped meal, anyway?). Before reading on, the key thing to remember is don’t panic. Seriously. Don’t panic. It’s our sad duty to tell you that there is an epic shortage of Australian pizza’s best friend – it’s one true loaf, if you will – the carby, splurge-worthy, craving-inducing magic that is garlic bread. But while the garlicky goodness we clove so much may be off the menu across the nation (temporarily!), the good news is this: things are about to get much, much feta. Sizzler’s cheese toast has been supersizing our salad bar experience since before we could pronounce our S’s properly. Now, in our time of need, it’s here to turn a nationwide meltdown into an overload of delicious, melty cheese. Star Saturday 21 January in the calendar and cast garlic bread out of your thoughts – National Cheese Toast Day is on its way, and it’s bready for your carb-related cravings. Forget those years of being scolded for filling up on bread, ‘cause from 11am – 4pm this Saturday, your local Sizzler will be handing out free cheese toast! You know, if we leave any. We’d like to propose a toast. Sorry if it’s a little cheesy. Words by Samantha Chariton