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The DIY chocolate bars you’ll go choco-loco for

While we could never turn down a classic caramel chocolate bar, shake our head at cookies ‘n’ cream or say no to a good old rocky road, sometimes our favourite chocolates just don’t get us drooling in anticipation like they used to. So when we heard that we could make our wildest chocolate dreams come true, and get them delivered to our door, we got a tad excited (ok, we were jumping up and down and squealing a little). ChocoLAB are an online chocolate company that let you create the sweetest, jam-packed DIY chocolate bars you can think of, limited only by your imagination (and sugar threshold). Their expert chocolatiers will take your design, make it, and deliver it anywhere in Australia! It all starts with a base of creamy Belgian chocolate, made with sustainably grown cocoa in white, milk or dark chocolate. Next, you choose your mix-ins from over fifty scrumptious treats – and this is where things get a little crazy. With everything from cookie dough balls and Turkish delight to sour gummy worms and MORE CHOCOLATE to mix in, you’ll be unable to stop yourself from creating a chocolate block that looks more like a confectionary aisle than a chocolate bar. And it doesn’t stop there. You can add chilli powder, sherbert, dried fruit, Tim Tams, tiny teddies, nuts and our personal favourites: brownie bits and roasted coffee beans. Once you’ve achieved that fine line between your dream chocolate bar and a treat designed to send you straight into a sugar coma, your block will then be hand-crafted by the professional chocolatiers (now that’s a job we’d apply for) and delivered to your door for the flat rate of $7. If you lack creativity, or just can’t handle the overwhelming options, you can even pick from already-designed bars! Or just order some chocolate-coated Oreos on the side (#omg). Ready to make all your chocolate dreams come true? Just head to ChocoLAB’s website and start creating! Words by Ranyhyn Akui