The Bulimba Festival returns for 2016 | The Gourmand & Gourmet

The Bulimba Festival returns for 2016

Got a few gold coins jangling around in your bag? Congratulations – you’ve just earned entry into one of Brisbane’s hottest festivals! We’ll admit, hitting up the tasty stretch of restaurants on Bulimba’s Oxford Street is an adventure in itself, but come Saturday 12 November, it also means gaining entry to one of the city’s biggest street parties (and don’t worry, stuffing yourself silly is still a prerequisite). Hit Oxford Street with a gold coin entry fee from 10am–10pm and you’ll soon be wandering through a festival of eateries and goodie-filled stalls. And the top-notch organisers (not to mention foodie geniuses) haven’t skimped on the entertainment, with two impressive stages set to send crowds bopping to live bands all day long. Of course, no festival experience is complete without the necessary flow (OK, waterfall) of bubbly brews, and the crafty experts at Newstead Brewing Co and Stone & Wood aren’t about to leave you high and dry. More inclined to set up your dancing buzz with a glass of bubbly? Head to the festival’s sultry Moet VIP tent for some elegant sips. Hours of embarrassing dancing and perusing around 100 market stalls is bound to brew up an appetite, so be sure to head over to the Bulimba Festival food truck strip when you’re feeling peckish (or want to gorge on everything in sight – your call). It goes without saying that the gorgeous streets of riverside Bulimba are always a joy to visit. It also goes without saying that when you couple it with food trucks, craft beer, and live bands, you’ll be lucky to pry us away. This year’s Bulimba Festival is happening on one day only, Saturday 12 November, from 10am-10pm, so get down there! Words by Samantha Chariton