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The Brisbane bucket list: 10 things to gorge on in August

Will power? What will power? Sure September and springtime is only a few weeks away, but how could we turn down eats this epic? Tried and tested (multiple times), here are 10 things you need to get on your fork before the month is out. But be quick about it – summer menus are coming.
#1. Jelly Watermelon | Harajuku Gyoza | Various
Harajuku Gyoza have taken it upon themselves to bring us all of Japan’s cutest ‘kawaii’ desserts – starting with this creation of watermelon jelly which manages to look delicious and adorable all at the same time!
#2. Fuhgeddaboudit! | Brooklyn Depot | South Bank
Oh yeah, Brooklyn Depot has come to Brisbane. Along with their most epic burger creations, stacked with a beef patty, beef chilli, American cheese, onion rings, chilli relish, and hot sauce. Our tip – get a milkshake to wash it down.
#3. Cheese board | The Stores | West End
You won’t know whether to just look at this stunning spread of gourmet cheese, salami and crackers and take it all in, or dive in for an all out cheese demolition. Let the experts behind the counter pick their best bries and blues for you – trust us, they know what’s good.
#4. Vegan chocolate brownie | Veganyumm | Everton Park
This will be one of the richest, densest, most luxurious brownies you have ever tasted – and it’s vegan! We don’t know how they make black beans taste this good, but we’re glad they do.
bucket list phat elephant#5. Pineapple fried rice | Phat Elephant | CBD
ANYTHING in a pineapple is a winner in our books (Smoothies? Done. Ice cream? Even better.), but pile it with scrumptious fried rice and toasted cashews and we are set, no main needed.
#6. Buttermilk pancakes | Pearl Café | Woolloongabba
If the fact that Pearl Café just won Café of the Year at the Good Food Guide awards isn’t excuse enough to go visit them for breakfast, dishes like their pancakes with honeycomb, rhubarb, pistachio and berries might get you in the door before their winter menu disappears.
#7. Strawberry sundae | Ekka | CBD
Ekka’s back for another year – don’t miss your chance to dig into one of those sweet Lick! strawberry sundaes!
#8. Savoury waffles | Rogue Bar + Bistro | Newstead
Popcorn chicken for breakfast? We’re in! Frankly the waffles, fried egg, duck fat aioli and carrot jam are just a bonus.
#9. Pine Lime Splice | Nitrogenie | Various
Is it a dessert? Is it a pina colada? Actually, it’s a little of both! Nitrogen frozen right before your eyes, this lime infused vanilla ice cream topped with toasted coconut, pineapple and lime frosting and lime zest salt is better than any cocktail. If only there was a boozy option….
#10. Cheese | Emile & Solange | Albion
Yeah we know we’ve got cheese on here twice – can you blame us? Be warned though – you will want one of every blue, brie, cheddar and camembert in this new fromagerie. Clean eating can wait. Words by Ranyhyn Akui