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The Brisbane bucket list: 10 things to feast your eyes on in May

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Oversized jumper season is well and truly upon us, so we’re all for ditching the stretchy pants and going straight for the muumuu so we can eat our way through this month’s bucket list. We may have already tested everything on the list to make sure it’s worthy, but that won’t stop us for going back for seconds! #1. PB&J brownie | I Heart Brownies | Fortitude Valley Gooey, chocolaty indulgence needs no explanation, but just in case, this is THE best brownie in Brisbane. According to us, anyway. #2. Belgian waffles | The Corner Store Café | Toowong Twice the size of a regular breakfast and sprinkled with apple crumble, fresh berries and two hefty scoops of vanilla bean ice cream, you’ll be on the receiving end of serious food envy from everyone within viewing distance. #3. Goose Liver Parfait | Coppa Spuntino | CBD Have it as an entrée or order 5 of them and eat nothing else, this creamy parfait is tasty enough to be a meal in itself. #4. Corned beef fritter | Locavore | Woolloongabba Locavore joins our ever-growing list of fave suburban brekky spots with their meaty fritters, topped with wilted greens, onion and corn relish and hot sauce. #5. Ludakrisp burger | Miss Kay’s | CBD Admit it, you to totally read that burger name in a rap voice. With crispy fried chicken, house slaw, pickles, sweet BBQ sauce and mayo, you’ll act the drool over this feed. #6. Stuffed quail | Gordita | Fortitude Valley Stuffed with figs, wrapped in Iberico ham and served with preserved lemon gel and quail ballotine, it’s quail like you’ve never tasted it before. #7. Salted caramel baked Alaska | Alfred & Constance | Fortitude Valley Thought A&C was just for cocktail jugs and wild dancing? Think again, because their meringue topped, salted caramel filled baked Alaska is worth a weeknight visit. #8.  Quinoa and chia porridge | King Arthur Café | Fortitude Valley Even if you’re not the type to get excited by porridge, you should for this sweet, warm, gingerbread and fig topped version. Goldilocks would be jealous. #9. Friday Supper Club | Montrachet | Paddington An excuse to indulge in 5 courses of Montrachet’s exquisite French fare? Count us in! At $99 per person, this is a Friday night well spent. #10. Fried ricotta gnocchi | Escobar | New Farm Everything is better fried. It’s practically our motto, and with button mushrooms, parmesan and truffled mayo, this gnocchi will make it yours too. Time for a whole lot of comfort food to get us through the cooler days – and drive us off the couch! September is looking like one long gym session. Words by Ranyhyn Akui