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The Brisbane bucket list: 10 things to chow down on in April

We sure hope you haven’t had your fill of all things sweet and indulgent after Easter, because there’s plenty more to treat yourself to this month! Don’t let all the leftover chocolate in the fridge put you off getting out and ticking everything off the list – we’re pretty sure cronut ice cream cones and rainbow cheesecakes sound a whole lot better anyway. #1. Breakfast | Piggyback Café | Jindalee How could you resist checking out the newest café from the same family that brought us Pawpaw Cafe and Picnic Café? With plenty of breakfasts to choose from on their all day menu, you might just want make more than one visit. #2. Cronut Ice Cream Cone | The Doughnut Bar | CBD & Hamilton For once, we didn’t have to salivate over Instagram food trends for months until they came to our shores, The Doughnut Bar decided to up and bring doughnut ice cream cones to us! Flaky cronut pastry filled with soft serve ice cream is a trend we hope never goes away. #3. The Dessert Dog | Buffalo Bar | CBD Everything tastes better deep fried and covered in cream – apparently even hot dogs. A banana and peanut butter hot dog loaded with peanut butter caramel, candied bacon, cream and complete with a cherry on top, this is the dog of your dreams. #4. Kung Pao Prawn Stir Fry | Heya | Fortitude Valley Have you heard? Heya has launched an underground hidden restaurant – and it’s worth visiting for the spicy Kung Pao prawn stir fry alone. Well, that and the cocktails, of course. #5. Honey Cake | Aria | CBD If you’ve never booked in for a special occasion at Aria, now’s the time, with a brand new autumn menu to check out, including one luscious dessert that will have you licking the bowl clean, with sweet rice pudding and toasted rice sorbet. brisbane bucket list chester street #6. Rainbow Cheesecake | Chester Street | Newstead Chester Street will take you back to those childhood days when fairybread was your favourite food with their new rainbow cheesecake. Creamy cheesecake in every colour of the rainbow, it’s a technicolour dessert lovers dream! #7. Sex, Drugs and Rocky Road Bacchus Brewing Ale | Mr Edwards Alehouse | CBD We wouldn’t normally advocate skipping dessert for a drink, but for this sweet, chocolaty and decadent beer, we’ll make an exception. Can’t get into the city to try it? Just order the brew online from Bacchus Brewing. #8. Falafel Flatbread | Jacu Espresso | Norman Park No breakfast has ever made us happier before even taking a bite than the sight of this toasted flatbread piled with falafel, warm hummus, a poached egg and more haloumi than we’ve ever eaten in one sitting. #9. Cookies & Cream Bing Su | Surabing Korean Dessert Café | Sunnybank Don’t even think about attempting this baby by yourself – you will need help polishing off every mouthful of vanilla ice cream, condensed milk, chocolate syrup, Oreos and white chocolate Pockys! #10. Signature Beef Burger | The Brass Barrel | Rosalie A juicy beef patty. Maple bacon. Gooey American Jack cheese. Housemade pickles. And finally, the kicker, that will really have your jaw dropping (in preparation to bite into that bad boy) – a soft black brioche bun with a perfect sprinkle of sesame seeds. Happy eating! Words by Ranyhyn Akui