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The Brisbane bucket list: 10 feeds to hunt down in May

Can we just stop and take a moment to appreciate all the epic feeds that Brisbane is dishing up these days? It’s like someone flicked a switch and said ‘GUYS! We can totally do better than avo on toast and Franken-burgers – time to step it up a notch!’ And the result? Everything on this month’s bucket list of course. #1. Matcha pancakes | Passion Tree | CBD Is it a pancake? Is it an ice cream cone? No, it’s a glorious combination of both we thought only existed in our dreams, with a stack of fluffy pancakes topped with cream, red bean, mocha, matcha ice cream, white chocolate sauce and a waffle cone! #2. Raindrop Cake | Harajuku Gyoza | South Bank When a dessert is described as ‘tasteless,’ it doesn’t usually grab our attention, but when this viral craze finally hit town, we were right there to try it. (For the record, it’s a little weird, but definitely tasty – especially if you get the strawberry version). #3. Truffled mac ‘n’ cheese jaffle | Project 41 | Bowen Hills Macaroni. Truffled cheese sauce. All toasted up to cheesy perfection between two slices of bread. Do we need to go on? We thought not. #4. Gingerbread ricotta pancakes | Putia Pure Food Kitchen | Banyo There’s nothing that gets us out of bed quicker than breakfasts that taste more like desserts, like Putia Pure Food Kitchen’s scrumptious stack ginger bread ricotta pancakes piled with spiced roast pumpkin gelato, candied orange, toasted pecans, golden syrup sauce. #5. Crab pot | St James Crabhouse | Kangaroo Point You could come for the ribs, but when there’s a bib, shell cracking equipment and a great big pot of blue swimmer crabs in Singapore chilli broth with a side of fresh baguettes awaiting you, why would you? #6. Gelato cocktail | Aquila Caffé Bar | CBD Cross La Macelleria with Aquila’s cocktail menu and what do you get? Killer gelato cocktails that make us want to hit the bottle every afternoon, like espresso martinis with Baileys Gelato and Mojito sorbets! #7. Die Hard cocktails | Cobbler | West End Yippee ki yay mother…. well, you get the picture, because Cobbler has launched an autumn cocktail menu full of 25 Die Hard themed sips! Are you a whiskey, almond, cinnamon, honey and orange bitters Hans Gruber, or just feeling Pretty F***ing Unappreciated Al, with passionfruit, rum, sherry, rosemary, grapefruit and peppermint tea? #8. Banana bread sandwich | Miss Bliss Whole Foods Kitchen | West End There’s only one thing better than a slice of fresh banana bread – two slices of fresh banana bread sandwiched with berries and yoghurt and topped with caramelized banana! #9. Sizzling chocolate brownie | Southside Bistro | Sunnybank It sizzles, it bubbles, it lays to waste every gym session you’ve done for the past 2 weeks – and boy is it worth it. Topped with butterscotch ice cream, chocolate fudge sauce and caramel popcorn, this brownie is wickedness on a plate, but at least it’s gluten free! #10 Pork belly | Mamaku | Clayfield Haven’t managed to nab a table at this cozy suburban spot yet? Better book before word really gets out about their slow cooked pork belly, because it’s definitely worth a trip to the north side. Happy hunting! Words by Ranyhyn Akui Image by Natalie Sum