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The Brisbane BBQ Festival is almost here

If you can’t go past the ribs on any restaurant menu, will never let anyone else near the BBQ at a party (even if it’s your neighbours – and you weren’t actually invited) and have seriously considered purchasing a meat smoker for your backyard, the upcoming Brisbane BBQ Festival is the festival for you. Brought to you by the meatiest collaboration Brisbane has ever seen, the festival is bringing an entire weekend of low and slow cooking to the Brisbane Showgrounds in Bowen Hills on Saturday 2 July. The first of many, we’re sure, it will be a carnivorous celebration of all things tender, juicy and melt-in-your-mouth delicious. At the festival, you’ll be able to tuck into authentic BBQ dishes from a variety of local BBQ experts, including Ze Pickle, That BBQ Joint, Rangers Texas BBQ, Bella BBQ, German Sausage Hut, How We Rolls, and Mr America Hotdogs and Fries. As well as slow cooked, smoked and chargrilled street eats, you’ll also be able to purchase spice rubs and sauces to take home and try at your own Sunday BBQs. There’ll also be a sizzling BBQ championship, in which the pro-iest of the pros will compete for the title of Brisbane’s BBQ master. Teams have 12 hours to serve slow cooked, expertly seasoned ribs, brisket, pork and poultry to the judging panel. Get close to the source and grill the pros, nab hot tips straight from the burner, and check out recipes, techniques, and even ways to build your own BBQ. Stick around till the end and you might even get a taste! If you only think you’re a pro, you can hang out and watch demos from the likes of The Shank Bros, Meat at Billy’s and more, and might even get a tasting if you ask nicely. We’re getting the meat sweats just thinking about it. And because it’s Queensland and weekends aren’t weekends without a few brewskies, there will be local brewery and whiskey pop-ups to match beverages with whatever finger-licking BBQ you’re carrying at the time. So follow the smell of the charcoal and sound of the live music down over to the Brisbane Showgrounds on Saturday July 2 for the meatiest day ever. Tickets are $22.45-$25 and you can grab them here. If you want the chance to win tickets to the festival, including 2 limited edition t-shirts and $50 to spend on all the meaty goodness you can find, head to our Facebook page, find the post about the festival, and tag the meat loving fried you’d take with you! Words by Taylare Maddern