5 Sunshine Coast Breweries You Need To Try In 2019

The brewers of the Sunny Coast’s best beers

Sunshine Coast Breweries

It shouldn’t really be a surprise that a region that celebrates the laid-back, sun-soaked lifestyle is also really good at brewing craft beer.

Famous for over 100 kilometres of gorgeous coastline, that one ABC show that I can’t remember the name of and… more, the Sunshine Coast can add a barrage of brilliant brewers to its growing list of local legends.

We thought that it was time to share some love for five of our favourite breweries on the Sunny Coast – of course, anyone who brews beer for a living deserves a spot on a list of our favourite people.

10 Toes Brewery | Alexandra Headland

If the Sunshine Coast is all about keeping it simple and relaxed, then any tour of local breweries needs to swing by 10 Toes; a proudly local, open-plan brewhouse and tasting room specifically built to capture the chill vibes that the people of the Sunny Coast crave.

10 Toes’ four classic creations are on tap for you to enjoy plus a couple of exciting seasonal brews that currently include a West Coast IPA and a New World Pilsner.

The bevs are brewed mere footsteps from where you drink in this custom brewhouse designed to enable a full step mash system while also reducing their carbon footprint and water consumption. What’s a full step mash system? I don’t know, but it results in some hella good beer!

Land & Sea Brewery | Noosa

Near the northern limits of the Sunshine Coast stands the coolest concrete shed you’ve ever seen. Okay, that might be a low bar to clear, but that shouldn’t take away from what the skilled craftsmen of Land & Sea have achieved with this heavily but tastefully stylized Noosa home of good food, good beers and good times.

Land & Sea are famous for putting an incredible amount of thought into everything that they do (these are the people who take the grain from brewing and re-use it to bake bread!) so it’s only fitting that the aesthetic matches the product… and what a product!

The tasting board is the best way to sample four of Land & Sea’s finest including the Coastie Common and Thomas Rice Larger. Take the brewery tour and they’ll even throw in a schooner to top off your tasting board!

Sunshine Brewery | Maroochydore

The new kid on the coast! Born in November 2015, Sunshine Brewery is the passion project of brewer Craig Dunsdon; a self-professed skeg who grew up on aviation fumes and saltwater surf.

Apparently this combination leads to a stellar selection of 10 on-tap brews and over 10 more limited releases, ranging from faves like Noosa Ruby Sunset Ale to more careful, complex creations like Red Velvet Porter – who are we to question the science!?

Lighting up Maroochydore from Wednesday to Sunday, Sunshine Brewery pair their powerhouse bar with a constant stream of foodie events featuring hotdogs, Greek feasts, Japanese street food and more. Don’t mind if we do!

Sunshine Coast Brewery | Kunda Park

From the new kid in town to the old legend that started it all. Twenty years of history in Kunda Park sits at the bedrock of Sunshine Coast Brewery, and while it made its mark through a local ginger beer, it’s proven time and time again that it can keep up with the best of them when it comes to creating an alluring craft beer.

Over a dozen brilliant bevs are on offer at the Sunshine Coast’s original home of original brewing. Grab yourself a refreshing summer ale, a lively harvest ale or even a tasty tribute to nature’s stealthiest creature, the Sneaky Seagull. Don’t worry, they’re still producing the iconic Ginger Keg too.

With food available for lunch and live music on the weekends, the Sunshine Coast Brewery is a must stop for any fans of local history… and for fans of drinking (okay, mostly the second one.)

Your Mates Brewing Co. | Moffat Beach

Two mates who quit their jobs, bought a shed by the beach and taught themselves how to brew beer – could there be a more Sunny Coast way to round out this list?

A brewery that embodies the Australian dream of hanging out and drinking beers all day, Your Mates Brewing Co. are inviting you to share in on the creations that have made this dream a reality. Enjoy a refreshing, fruity pale ale that Your Mates call Larry (pale ale is rather formal, after all.) Or, for fans of a smoky dark ale, there’s Larry’s mate Donnie. Calling beers by their full names suddenly feels like a lot of work.

Your Mates Brewing Co. has opened their doors for hangouts every Thursday, Friday and Saturday at Moffat Beach, so swing by, grab a beer and chill out with some friends – why else are you on the Sunshine Coast?

Whether you’re a Sunny Coast local or just passing through, there’s no doubt that the best way to experience the Sunshine Coast is by sipping on a frothy bev at one of their stellar breweries. Honestly, it might be the best way to experience any city.

Words by Josh Schultz
- the gourmand who would walk a thousand miles just to drink a brew… tonight.