The Botanist Kitchen and Bar - Brisbane Airport

The Botanist Kitchen and Bar is bringing Christmas feasting to Brisbane Airport

The Botanist Kitchen and Bar

Saying your goodbyes at the airport is never easy (unless you’re Colin from Love Actually), but having one last memorable family feast is.

Instead of rounding up the entire family nice and early just to get to the food court and realise that you’ve forgotten Kevin (and that fries don’t make for memorable goodbyes), we’ve stumbled across a dining option that’s less stress and all the yes.

Before you jump into the security protocols at Brisbane Airport’s International Terminal, your eyes will lock with a gorgeous restaurant known as the Botanist Kitchen and Bar, where the scent of fresh eats (and the sight of vino) will guide you the rest of the way.

As your lucky self or loved one gets ready to go to the Bahamas for Christmas (take us with you), you can all sit down for a bite and drinks without worrying about being late or cleaning up… and that’s honestly the greatest gift of all.

Forget the stodgy plane “food” that awaits and embrace a food coma needed to get through a 14-hour flight, with plenty of banter and memories made for an unforgettable Christmas catch-up.   

Think steak with roasted garlic red wine jus, beer battered flathead, or classic sandwiches featuring festive roast ham or turkey- plus scrumptious gourmet salads if you’re saving the splurge until you arrive at your destination.

Flying early? Besides sensational seasonal lunch and dinner offerings, Botanist Kitchen and Bar is open for all of your coffee cravings and brekky delights including eggs benny (with Christmas ham, of course) avo and feta smash, corn fritters, and coconut yoghurt panna cotta.

Looking to start the holiday early, or have one final toast with family? The Botanist Kitchen & Bar stocks plenty of Aussie wine, beer and spirits to kick off your holiday (and festive celebrations) with a twist of lime!

Your pre-flight dining decision is plane and simple!


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Words by Nicole Portacha
- the gourmand who might just have to head to the airport for a Christmas feast.