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The best yum cha in Brisbane

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With endless plates of mouthful-sized morsels of delicious dumplings and other Asian delights conveniently brought to you with no effort required whatsoever, yum cha in Brisbane is possibly the best style of eating ever invented. Unless you’re one of the unlucky few who ate chicken feet that one time and still suffer some lingering distaste, in which case, you’re probably not in a hurry to go back. But it’s time to ditch any negative thoughts you have towards yum cha and rekindle, or even start, your love for the feast. It’s a meal that can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner, full of culinary surprises (no more chicken feet, we promise) and with all that green tea being chugged down, probably calorie-free. Maybe not, but it’s what we tell ourselves when we roll out of Brisbane’s best yum cha joints. King of Kings | Fortitude Valley While you may not feel like a king sitting at the round tables surrounded by kitsch décor, you’ll certainly feel be fed like one. King of Kings wheels all dishes weird and wonderful around to diners on trolleys and being BYO is a favourite of both drunken partiers hitting the Valley and those some partiers crawling back for a hangover cure the next day. If chicken feet in black bean curd brings back too many bad memories, don’t worry, you can stick with the classic yum cha options like spring rolls, steamed pork buns and sweet and sour pork. Landmark | Sunnybank With a traditional menu and authentic vibe, Landmark is always a crowd pleaser. You’ll be taken to the streets of Hong Kong with their crispy skinned duck and fresh mudcrab Szechuan style, but for a more typical yum cha dish, you can’t go past the deep fried taro puffs. The crowds of diners only adds to the authenticity, so don’t be turned off by the queue, hang around and you won’t be disappointed! If you just can’t wait though, head to nearby Shangrila for a quieter yum cha experience. yum cha brisbane 2 Bamboo Basket | South Bank & Hamilton No yum cha is complete without dumplings and Bamboo Basket has enough flavours to have you feeling like one after you’ve tried them all. Xiao Long Bao, steamed Shanghai style pork dumplings with soup filling, are not be passed up, but there’s plenty of others that will tempt your tastebuds, like roast duck and pork and prawn. If you can’t live on dumplings alone, crispy duck flatbread will finish off your carb quota. Guang Zhou Lou | Underwood Open to trying shark fin dumplings or fried squid tentacles? Get ticking on Guang Zhou Lou’s list of yum cha delicacies then, with over 150 dishes to choose from. If that’s a bit too out there for you, you can always opt for coriander dumplings, pork ribs and deep-fried sesame balls for dessert. Either way, they have something for everyone – adventurous eater or not. Beijing House | CBD What Beijing House lacks in looks it makes up for with the sheer size of it’s servings, with dumplings so big you need to cut them in half to eat them. Get a serving of everything from the chicken satay to the calamari and BBQ pork buns if you dare, but you might not bee able to fit back down the stairs. Why is it called yum cha? Because it’s yum! Don’t cha get it?* *Actually it means ‘drink tea’ in Cantonese, but we like our explanation better. Words by Elissa Rogers