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The best things to eat at the Ekka this year

It’s that time of the year again!

The time that makes us feel happy to be a Queenslander, leaves our wallets a little lighter, and makes our pants a little tighter. The sights and smells of the Ekka take us back to our childhood, but our favourite part is definitely the tastes!

Lick! Strawberry Sundaes

You knew this was coming. The humble strawberry sundae is undoubtedly the most iconic food of the Ekka. With over 150, 000 of them devoured each year, their legendary status cannot be questioned.

The nutritious treat is chock-full of fresh fruit and dairy, or so you told Mum every Ekka. Sales of the strawberry sundaes have funded much needed medical research for the Prince Charles Hospital Foundation for over 30 years, so why not order two? They’re truly a guilt-free Ekka treat.

King Street Feast

Rejoice! Bowen Hill’s ever-popular food precinct, King Street, will stay open during Ekka, with some of their best eateries being included in this year’s dining hit-list. Located in the revitalised Dairy Hall and Sugar Building is Welcome to Bowen Hills, set to be as bustling as ever this Ekka. Other King Street spots included in this year’s show include El Camino Cantina, Beerhaus and Atelier Brasserie.

Woolworths Fresh Food Pavilion

The two greatest words ever spoken? ‘Free’, and ‘samples’, and The Woolworths Fresh Food Pavilion is overflowing with them! Meet the growers, farmers and suppliers of your favourite foods, watch cooking demonstrations by top Australian chefs, and, of course, sample every food under the sun. With over 60 food and drink stalls and the brand new Royal Queensland Tastes in play this year, the pavilion should be your first foodie stop.

Gourmet Plaza

Feeling fancy this Ekka? Gourmet Plaza is the place for you, full to the brim with gourmet delights from around the globe. Using the freshest local produce and showcasing some of the world’s best chefs, Gourmet Plaza is the perfect place to smell and taste the very best of the Ekka. Smash a beer at Furphy’s Plaza Bar while you enjoy some live music from the Multicultural Plaza Music Stage and savour your gourmet eats.

Dagwood Dogs

Yes, the strawberry sundae may be the Ekka’s biggest deal, but the Dagwood Dog is its savoury partner in crime. With over 220, 000 eaten every Ekka, you’d be a silly sausage to miss out. They’re the deep-fried meaty goodness dipped in tomato sauce that no one can so no to. (Also, is it just us, or are they getting girthier every year?)

Super Food Sunday

When the Ekka uses the term “superfood” they’re not talking about kale or goji berries. They are referring to their special deal running on Sunday 18 August-the last day of the Ekka. Super Food Sunday is here to save your back pocket, with designated outlets around the grounds offering 2-for-1 deals on some of your favourite eats! Check out the list of participating vendors here.


The 2019 Ekka is shaping up to be the tastiest one yet, with options for every food-lover to eat up. A friendly reminder, though, to not stuff your face right before getting on a ride. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Words by Elizabeth Markwell
- the gourmand who will have a sundae in one hand and a Dagwood Dog in the other.