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The freshest seafood restaurants in Brisbane

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Seafood Restaurants Brisbane

Seafood cravings working you into a frenzy?

The only catch when it comes to these restaurants is their quality selection of fresh prawns, juicy crab and even a spicy spaghetti marinara or two.

We’ve been working on a series of articles covering the best restaurants in Brisbane. From lobster on white tablecloths to crispy fish and chips taken away to eat on the balcony, we’ve gathered a list of best seafood restaurants Brisbane has to offer.

One Fish Two Fish | Kangaroo Point

More than just a one-trick seahorse, One Fish Two Fish is what modern seafood eatery dreams are made of. Kick back in the mini Kanga Point Queenslander with some cheeky cocktails on tap, being the perfect pairing to a Quarter-flounder with panko-crumbed flounder goujons, lettuce, cheese, house-made tartare and fries, grilled salmon with kale, quinoa and tomato salad, and whole salt-baked fish of the day. You’ll be in shuck and oar at the primo quality.


Holy shrimp! Jellyfish has an entire daily-changing menu dedicated to fresh fish (8-14 species daily!), complete with the perfect sides to each meal – and epic river views to match. But if oven-roasted barramundi with aioli and lemon doesn’t sound like your kettle of fish, mull-et over the choices on the a la carte menu, like scampi linguini or QLD tiger prawn tian.


A Brisbane icon, get hooked on Gambaro’s range of seasonal options from share plates to mains and pastas (hello linguini marinara). If you’re angling for a good feed and want some bigger fish to fry though, the seafood platter with Moreton Bay bug, sand crab, oysters, Mooloolaba king prawns, marinated octopus, diamond clams and salmon tartare is turtle-y worth it.


Kick it Ol’ School with the most radical fish and chips around. If classic crispy potato chips are your thang, prepare to feast on a meal that even NSYNC couldn’t say bye, bye, bye to. The only decision you need to make is whether you prefer your fish battered or grilled, because the choice of fish is whatever that day’s fresh catch is.


The French seafood a-fish-ionados at Lutece recommend a seafood diet – the one where you eat everything you set your eyes on. Sea for your shell-f why the famous crab lasagne with a creamy crustacean sauce is so ‘famous’ (spoiler: it’s really good). Known for function, wedding and event expertise, we feel like dining at Lutece is worthy of being an event in itself.


The Fishery could lay claim to having Brisbane’s best fish and chips, and we probably wouldn’t argue. Owner Murray Dalton worked as a chef for over 20 years before setting up this joint dedicated to sourcing the freshest products on the market (and in the sea). Get schooled on the crispiest chips and seafood so good you’ll go cray(fish) over it.


Raw fish is an art perfected by the Japanese, and Sono lives up to that standard. Not only is their sashimi to die for, their crab dishes will potentially have you re-evaluating your life and why you hadn’t tried them before. Yes, all of them, especially the fresh crab meat croquettes, because what doesn’t sound great about deep-fried croquettes served with shisho salsa. Grab your mates and enjoy a group banquet, or a dinner tasting course.


Reef and beef? Surf and turf? Whatever you call it, it’s what Kingsleys does best. Start with yellowfin tuna sashimi and then head slightly further north with the Alaskan king crab legs – whether you opt to have them chilled, salt and pepper style or wok fried with Singapore chilli sauce is up to you.


The words ‘seafood’ and ‘buffet’ are already drool-inducing on their own, but put them together and you’re liable to start a riot. Thyme2’s fresh seafood selection is only a fraction of what you can pile on your plate at the buffet, but why hit up any other station when you can gorge on prawns, oysters and crab?


Sush-sea the array of incredible platters available at Reef. They’re no an-enemy of wildly extravagant dishes, and whether you’re looking for a nice fillet of fish for your dinner, 2 kilos of prawns for a party or a lobster for a special evening, you’ll find what you sea-need.


Burger with a side of crustacean? At St James Crabhouse, you’ll never be so happy to get crabs! (Alaskan King crab, to be exact.) Along with a plethora of sides and starters, including sizzling garlic prawns (yes please), the menu offers king crab, prawn po boys and South Australian mussels. American style barbecue and burgers are also an option if you’re feeling fincy.


Pre-pier to be amazed by not only the fresh seafood and pasta at George’s Paragon, but their riverside location and friendly atmosphere. With pasta, poultry and prime meats up on the menu as an alternative to their wide range of seafood, no choice is the wrong choice. Wrap your head around their barbecued baby octopus, or claw for the live lobster.

Don’t know where to start? In the words of everyone’s favourite blue Pixar fish, ‘just keep swimming, just keep swimming’ through the entire list of the freshest seafood restaurants Brisbane has to offer.

Words by Sophia Lunn and Nicole Portacha
- the gourmands who eats everything they sea