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The best mocktails of Brisbane

We’ve come a long way as a society.

Gone are the days when asking for a non-alcoholic beverage at a bar would result in a full-blown old western shoot-out (possible exaggeration, but stay with us); instead, the time is nigh for substitutes that have all the flavour and none of the morning turmoil. 

More than your average fruit juice mixer, mocktails are stepping out of the shadow of their alcoholic counterparts. Strap yourself in: Dry July (or any month, if that’s your style) has never looked this good.

Malt Dining | CBD

Say “bye” to Long Islands and “hi” to the Spiced 94 iced tea at Malt Dining with a mocktail of Seedlip Spiced, cardamom syrup, and puffed rice ice tea. Alternatively, swap that alcoholic buzz with a non-alcoholic fizz with their Garden 108, combining Seedlip Garden, cloudy apple juice, lime juice and a hint of grenadine.

Mecca Bah | Fortitude Valley

Possibly the tastiest mocktails we’ve had, these guys really deliver–we’re all about their Pink Fez mocktail with vanilla syrup, cranberry and pineapple juices, mint, lime, and lychee.

Chu The Phat | South Brisbane

Don’t let the winter chill keep you away this month—it’s a sunshine state of mind at Chu The Phat with their Sunshine Punch, providing sweet bursts of pineapple, cranberry juice, and lychee.

Covent Garden | West End

We’re passionate about the cocktails from Covent Garden, and their mocktails are just as good–we’re looking at you, the aptly named We’re Out of Rum with cloudy apple juice, lime and mint.

Cowch | South Brisbane

We ain’t full of bull when we say Cowch’s udderly extravagant mocktail will keep you happily amoosed all winter long. Our pick? The sweet Unicorn Lemonade complete with lavender, fairy floss, and a lollipop (after all, it’s pretty hard to be sad when you’re sipping on a pink drink full of happiness). 

Three Blue Ducks | CBD

Three Blue Ducks certainly know how to keep their flock well fed (and hydrated) all year long. Nest in style overlooking the Brisbane River with their Ducks spiced orange punch mocktail in hand.

e’cco Bistro | Newstead

Ditch Dan Murphy’s Passion Pop (c’mon, you’re better than that) and roll down to e’cco Bistro to taste their zesty Passion Pop mocktail with passionfruit, ginger ale, orgeat and vanilla. Who doesn’t want to be the DD now? 

Paper Daisy | Cabarita, NSW

Suffering through Dry July? Paper Daisy has the remedy (literally). Their Virgin Remedy mocktail is a must-try, mixing up berries, citrus, and the golden nectar of kombucha. This magnificent creation is so delicious you won’t even miss the alcohol, we *pinky* promise.

Corbett and Claude | CBD

Been missing those strawberry kisses? You’ll be skipping down the street with Corbett and Claude’s Strawberry Fields mocktail this month, combining fresh strawberries and blueberries to make a berry delish sip.

The Laneway | CBD 

The Laneway is THE place to be to get your sober mitts on a delicious mocktail. Stay cool as a cucumber with their Cucumber Cooler, or spice things up with their zesty Spiced Temple number.


Say H2No to water – just fake it ‘til you make it with a mocktail.

Words by Sophia Lunn and Jane Bartley
- the gourmands who gets hyped for how pretty a mocktail can get.