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The absolute best things to eat at Metropole

We can’t be the only ones who start feeling seriously hangry at around 11:30am, and count down the minutes until lunch, only to realise on the chime of 12 that we have no idea what we want to eat. A fresh salad? A proper meal of slow cooked meat with all the trimmings? Quick and easy avocado sushi? Well instead of giving in to indecision and going for those 2 day old leftovers, we’ve found a lunch spot in the CBD where you can get all of the above and then some. A food hall style eatery with a difference, Metropole is an airy, stylish dining venue where a la carte dining is not just delicious, but fast and cheap, and they dish up everything from breakfast to lunch and dinner! You can even get lunch delivered straight to the office with their in house corporate catering menu – talk about a venue with the lot. So whether you’re looking for somewhere for a relaxed business lunch or just ditching your desk to get in a good feed, head to Metropole and satisfy your hanger on either the East side, where pan-Asian dishes reign, or the West side, with everything from burgers to comforting slow cooked meats on offer. Pair it all with a cocktail or glass of wine from the bar – or just leave that until you come back for post-work drinks and tapas on a Friday afternoon. But if you need a little help with the lunchtime decision making, we’ve got the intel on what to order.
metropole-brisbane-city-lunch-eastThe East
If you aren’t immediately drooling over the freshly made sushi and rice paper rolls filling the brightly lit cabinet, stop and take a moment to peruse the hot food menu. A giant bowl of sweet and sour pork or crispy honey fried chicken with fried rice will set you back a mere $10 and might just keep you going until right through dinner, while the pork and vermicelli salad with flaky spring rolls is so carb-loaded and filling we don’t even think it should be called a salad. And don’t get us started on the pad Thai – just know it’s the best $10 lunch you’ll find in the city.
metropole-brisbane-city-lunch-westThe West
Sure you could just grab a loaded sandwich or toastie, or maybe a trio of tasty salads to take back to the office and tuck into at your desk – or you could make the most of your lunch break with one of Metropole’s a la carte feeds. Unlike all the other city spots, where you’ll spend three quarters of your lunch break waiting for food, here you’ll get a restaurant quality meal in no time at all, and for half the price! Our top picks? Wrap your hands around the epic bacon and egg burger with a side of golden fries, get in a comforting bowl of slow cooked lamb shank with fresh steamed veg or stick to your summer diet with their grilled salmon with saucy hollandaise and a vibrant salad. The best part is, you won’t pay more than $11! Well, unless you go for that glass of wine to go with it of course. But we say leave that until after work – then you can pair it with their tasty tapas! You’ll find Metropole and their fast and easy feeds at 180 Ann Street in the city, open Monday to Friday for breakfast and lunch, and Thursday and Friday for post-work eats and drinks. Words by Ranyhyn Akui Keeping the G&G up to date requires a lot of double lattes, so we occasionally need to give out some sponsored love. But rest assured that we only work with businesses that we think are nifty, as the sponsor for this post is!