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The 20 best things to eat in Brisbane for under $5

$5 doesn’t get you much these days. It barely covers the cost of a morning coffee, and you certainly wouldn’t get any change back after buying a pastry – in fact, you’d probably be hit up for more. But if a lengthy scrounge through the couch, the glovebox and the washing machine still hasn’t turned up more than $5 and you’re feeling peckish, we’ve got a list that will help you out. #1. Beach Burrito Co | Fortitude Valley | $5 tacos. Chilli con carne, pulled pork and haloumi tacos, all $5, every day. #2. Heya | Fortitude Valley | $4 cheeseburger spring rolls. It’s a spring roll that tastes like a cheeseburger – need we say more? Except that you can get them for $2 on Tuesdays! #3. Donut Boyz | Various | $4.50 doughnut. Satisfying our sugar cravings with glazed doughnuts every afternoon. And morning. And night. #4. I Heart Brownies | Fortitude Valley | $4 brownie. Turkish delight? Mocha? Salted caramel? At that price you can try them all! #5. Miss Kay’s | CBD | $5 breakfast burger. All you could find for breakfast was stale bread and some silver? Miss Kay’s has you covered with bacon and eggs on a fresh bun. #6. Miss Bliss Whole Foods Kitchen | West End | $3 bliss ball. Being broke doesn’t mean you can’t find bliss with a cacao truffle bliss ball. #7. Brother Espresso | Bulimba | $5 avocado on toast. Considering you probably couldn’t go to the supermarket and buy an avocado for $5, we think this is a good deal! #8. NKB Express | Indooroopilly | $5 deep fried pickles. Deep fried anything under $5 is a win TBH. #9. La Macelleria | Teneriffe | $4.50 gelato cone. You get two scoops for under $5. TWO SCOOPS. #10. Flour & Chocolate | Morningside | $5 gonut. Half doughnut, half croissant, all delicious – but only on Thursdays. #sadface #11. Guilty Rogue | CBD | $5 pizza Tuesday. Why spend $5 on one slice when you can get a whole pizza for $5? #12. Happy Little Dumpling | Various | $2.50 dumplings. When $5 can get you to chilli beef dumplings, the world just seems like a happier place. #13. Piefection | Mt Gravatt | $4 sausage roll. Legit the best sausage roll you’ll ever eat for spare change. #14. Lucky Egg | Fortitude Valley | 50c wing Wednesdays. Don’t wing it when it comes to Wednesday eats – head to Lucky Egg. You can probably even afford some $4 fries. #15. Noosa Chocolate Factory | Various | $5 milk honeycomb balls. Remember how much you used to be able to buy at a candy shop for $5? These are better. #16. District 1 | Fortitude Valley | $5 sweet potato fries. Spent too much on cocktails and only have a few gold coins left on a Saturday night? District 1 has your hanger sorted. #17. Chop Chop Changs | West End | $4 Harvey Bay scallops. Be warned – you will want more than one of these miso butter drenched morsels. #18. Collective Kitchen & Bar | CBD | 50c buttermilk chicken rib Wednesdays. If our math is correct (we’re better at eating), you can get 10 of these crispy bites for $5! #19. Corbett & Claude | CBD & Indooroopilly | $5 chips with chipotle aioli. ‘Surely chips are usually under $5?’ you ask? Not so! And frankly, we’d pay $10 for these bad boys. #20. Stokehouse Q | South Bank | $2 oysters. Ever Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Oyster Hour from 11am-12pm gives you $2 oysters, the ultimate summer snack. Being broke has never been so delicious. Words by Ranyhyn Akui