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Where to try Thai street food in Brisbane

With international travel off the cards for a little while, don’t forget that the world can be explored (at least a little) through its cuisines!

Sampling street foods is always a great way to experience local flavours and try new things, and the same goes for trying them in your own city (a culinary staycation, if you will)! 

From juicy morsels to salty/sweet delights, we’ve gathered some top Thai street foods you can try right here in Brisbane.

Som tum (green papaya salad)

Anyone who’s tried som tum knows what a celebration of balance it is; in Woolloongabba, Pawpaw’s version is a prime example, bursting with freshness thanks to cherry tomatoes, snake beans, and a perfectly sweet/spicy dressing.

Over at Siam Samrarn in West End, you can even add on your choice of king prawns, soft shell crab, crispy prawns, or grilled salmon to make a meal of this Thai street food staple.

Poh pia tod (spring rolls)

Ah, the humble springy… At Pawpaw Asian Kitchen in Balmoral, plant-based friends will love the poh pia tod filled with shiitake, carrot, cabbage and vermicelli, while the award-winning Mons Thai in Camp Hill’s roast duck version with Thai herbs is a fragrant, juicy treat for the meat-eaters.

Kai Jeow (Thai omelette)

One of the lesser-known Thai street foods, kai jeow is a comforting, flavour-packed omelette that works as a starter or the main event. Heart Thai Food’s kai jeow is a big three-egg boy, with chicken mince and Thai herbs. For a world-changing breakfast, the breaky kai jeow at West End Coffee House (the king’s omelette) is served topped with a herby salad and loaded with chicken, rice, and bean sprouts.


While satay may have originated elsewhere, it’s a staple from Thai street vendors! At Yum Yum Thai Street Food at Eat Street you can make a meal of the snack with their satay chicken rice bowl, while the version at Pawpaw Asian Kitchen is a stunner with turmeric chicken, rich peanut sauce, and Thai pickles for a bit of zing.

Gai tod (fried chicken)

Fried chicken is pretty much delicious no matter what you put it with, but sAme sAme’s version of gai tod with spices, roasted rice and lime packs a delicious punch, while Pawpaw’s popcorn chicken with laab spices, lime, and mayo is the perfect spot to start your mod-Thai meal.

Kao niew ( sticky rice)

It wouldn’t be a Thai food wrap without kao niew! The perfect sweet/salty way to finish any meal, the sticky rice at Siam Pagoda is made with less traditional black rice, which keeps an amazing texture, and is topped with sweet coconut ice cream. At Mons Thai, the kao niew comes with fresh lychee and authentic coconut ice cream – did someone say Thai holiday?


Take it (snacking) to the streets!


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Words by Georgia Condon
- the gourmand who's dying to Thai one of everything.