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Brisbane's best Thai Restaurants

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Thai Restaurants Brisbane

What is it about Thai food that makes a food critic out of us all? Our stoic opinions of authenticity magically have the power to nurture allegiances, destroy friendships and bring out the self-righteous inner foodie in the best of us. Read on to discover the best Thai Brisbane has to offer.

So in the spirit of playing devil’s advocate, we’ve rounded up a few of our favourite Thai restaurants in Brisbane to compare notes with you. Best case scenario, you stumble across a new die-hard favourite. Worst-case scenario, we get pelted with pad Thai. Either way, it’s sure to be entertaining.

Brisbane’s Top Thai Restaurants

Siam Pagoda | Clayfield

The north siders have been holding out on us and trying to keep Siam Pagoda a secret – but now that we’ve discovered their scrumptious pad Thai and marinated pork salad, not to mention their warm and welcoming surround, we’re going to be shouting it from the rooftops. Make a booking to introduce yourself to them, stat!

Jai Thai | Toowong

Delicious versions of all your Thai favourites? Tick. Trendy industrial surrounds to sit yourself in? Double tick. Jai Thai is the best of both worlds – traditional Thai dishes and street food paired with a modern setting you could definitely take a date to. Did we mention they’re licensed? If you haven’t checked out this new spot yet, it’s definitely Thai’m.

Mons Ban Sabai | Camp Hill

Eastsiders: stop! You don’t need to make a massive Thai food commute to the city thanks to Mons Bon Sabai. This cosy Camp Hill venue can dish up the curry puffs and satay as well as any of the CBD stars. Our next piece of news will have Pawpaw Café and Piggy Back Cafe fans as pleased as a patron with extra coconut rice: Mons Ban Sabai is run by the same group. We recommend the DIY duck pancake.

My Thai Kitchen | Milton

My Thai Kitchen is the baby sister to the original, larger restaurant in Auchenflower, and with superfast service, a bustling strip mall location and a killer menu, we can see clearly that nobody puts baby in the corner (of the kitchen that is). This takeaway joint offers delicious entrees (read: golden parcels filled with awesomeness), stir-fries (how about some chicken kra-POW!) exploding with flavour and noodle classics, such as good ol’ (Uncle) Pad Thai. Don’t be scared, we guarantee you’ll walk out of this place doing a little dancing of your own.

Phat ElephantThai Restaurants Brisbane | CBD

City workers don’t have to wait until dinner for Thai – they can just wander down to Post Office Square for all their pad Thai and spring roll cravings (ever heard of a better excuse for a long lunch?). With beers on tap, exotic cocktails, plenty of bar snacks available, and a menu full of roasted meats, curries, soups and stir fries, just Thai to keep us away.

Longtime | Fortitude Valley

If it’s been a long time since you last ordered Thai (so, like, 3 days), Longtime in the Valley can fix you up. The Chinatown restaurant and bar has an intriguingly unique menu, with quirky concoctions alongside classic favourites. You’re free to pick up a traditional curry or salad, but it’s hard not to let the strangers catch your eye, with menu items like crispy prawn Bangkok tacos and smoked rice noodle nachos with coconut cheese sauce.

Thai Wi Rat | Fortitude Valley

Although you may not be waxing lyrical on Thai Wi Rat’s décor or presentation skill, this low-key kitchen with plenty of outdoor seating offers a variety of no-frills, street food dishes with undisputed bang for buck. With an accommodating made-to-order style menu, feel free to mix and match your sauces, bases, and proteins to cater to your own personal style. Or dip into some customer favourites such as their massive beef noodle soup or seafood laksa after a night out on the town, and watch your hangover disappear.

Thai Kitchen | Wilston

We’re not sure what secret herbs and spices are loaded into Thai Kitchen’s massaman beef curry, but surely something this addictive can’t be legal. Being able to purchase the sauce that goes in it to take home to our own kitchen is part blessing, part curse – how many times can you eat curry in one week before you turn into one, do you think? Lucky we can mix things up with their equally delicious Thai beef salad every once in a while.

Thai Ways | Albion

A hidden gem along Sandgate Road indeed! The small(ish) and tastefully decorated venue offers itself to a more romantic Thai experience, if date night is what you’re after. Their massive portions are perfect for sharing with your loved one (or not!). Try the drunken noodles, insanely aromatic and wok-charred to perfection or the pad khing stir-fry brimming with fresh veggies and ginger. If takeaway is what you’re after, you can’t go wrong with a 10% discount on all orders. Dinner sorted!

Thai Restaurants Brisbane
Siam Square | New Farm

Take a stroll down Merthyr Road and your nose is sure to lead you straight into this corner café. With their airy, old-meets-new fitout, they sure know how to cater to the New Farm crowd. If you’re in the mood for something a bit lighter and, we dare say, healthier, you can’t pass up the roast duck salad served delightfully warm atop a mound of fresh veg and tangy dressing. Or try a steaming bowl of the tom yum soup, served with generous amounts of chicken or vegetarian style. Either way, with its proximity to New Farm Park, the Powerhouse, and a City Cat terminal, you really have no reason not to check it out, STAT!

Siam Samrarn | West End

“No, it’s by Coles, but kind of behind it in a garden patio sort of thingy,” someone could forseeably explain to another person less familiar with the area. But don’t let that deter you. You’re essentially there for some classic comfort foods, beautiful outdoor seating and unbeatable lunch deals. A popular dish with the regional work crowd is undoubtedly the pad Thai, a looming mound of noodles, bean sprouts, generous portions of meat, crushed peanuts and a massive lemon wedge to spritz on top. It’s so delicious and so filling that you may find yourself attempting to take half of it back to the office. But let’s get real: at $10 a pop and the imminent carb-high, we can’t guarantee you’re NOT going to polish it all off in one go.

Kinn Thai | Mt Gravatt

In case your Thai-craving belly monster hasn’t literally dragged you out of the house by your car keys yet (nice self-control), we’ve got one more Thai-rific spot to name. Kinn Thai is an eatery in Garden City, the Mt Gravatt shopping (and food) hub. Decked out in sleek, modern décor, and sending out artistic plates of soft-shelled crabs and sizzling beef, you’ll be more fancy-guest than face-stuffer. Which is kinda nice when you’re around other people. I was going to clean the house – but then I got Thai.

Words and image by Seyran Celik and Samantha Chariton

Words by Seyran Celik and Samantha Chariton