Tea-total dreams at MajesTea.

Tea-total dreams at MajesTea.

Dear dairy, while on a quest to seek the meaning of life and leaf our troubles behind, we found ourselves – ordering a large cheese tea in Sunnybank.

The biggest trend since unicorn *everything*, we ignored our slight lactose intolerance and warily sipped the concoction – and to our pleasant surprise, quickly realised cheese tea was not a block of Tasty cheddar mixed with hot water.

The popular drink hailing from Guangzhou has stolen hearts across the globe, and while we admit to being sceptics at first, MajesTea has won us over with its rendition.

Our go-to in Sunnybank, MajesTea is known for high-quality Chinese-inspired bubble teas which are created using only the finest brews and A-grade fresh produce.

Not just a pretty face, these teas are packed with flavour, and seeing as they’re made with cream cheese, full cream, milk and a dash of salt, there’s no reason to not give it a go (sorry vegans, we don’t make the rules).


You might want to check out the menu before you step up to the counter, because there’s not one, not two, but 16 types of cheese tea including cheese lychee oolong, cheese watermelon green tea and cheese black grape.

Our pick? The Cheese Lychee Oolong. All night long.

If you’re already frothing, just wait – you can add Majestea original cheese, sea salt or black sugar cheese foam for extra flavour. 

But if cheese isn’t your style, you won’t be left out – they’ve got an amazing range of fresh fruit teas for you to try too.

Whatever your deal, treat yourself to Majestea.

Words by Sophia Lunn
- The gourmand who loves tea. And cheese.