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Taste the state’s best beef with Kingsleys' Ekka special

What do classy riverside restaurant Kingsleys and the Ekka have in common? Prize-winning beef, that’s what!

Eagle Street Pier’s Kingsleys restaurant recently purchased the RNA’s overall champion pen from their annual Paddock to Palate competition, meaning it’s the only place in town you can try the state’s verified best beef!

This year, the prize winners came all the way from Wallumbilla, outside Roma in the state’s centre, with Yarrawonga’s Santa Gertrudis cattle awarded across three categories to come out on top overall (which they’ve have done numerous times over the competition’s 10-year history).

With their hands exclusively on the goods, Kingsleys is offering a range of premium cuts from the prized herd including the eye fillet ($42), scotch fillet ($44), rump ($34), and striploin ($38) on offer. All cuts are served how you like them done (medium-rare, obviously… fight us) with grilled marrow bone, celeriac remoulade and your choice of sauce from the beloved steakhouse’s repertoire including mushroom, pepper, red wine jus, bearnaise, café de Paris butter… talk about mouthwatering!

While the focus is on the prized protein, you can elevate your plate even further with a range of high-class toppers including a hibachi-grilled king prawn, crab Oscar, fried calamari, and Roquefort cheese.

The Paddock to Palate-winning Yarrawonga Santa Gertrudis is only available at Kingsleys and only while stock lasts; browse more of the Kingsleys menu here, and book in here to try this unmisteakably good beef while it lasts!


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