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Taste of Gasworks!

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Located in the old industrial suburb of Newstead, Gasworks is the centerpiece of Brisbane’s most anticipated urban renewal project – a master planned community that will see the flame of the city’s historic Gasworks site ignited once again. The beautiful and ornate framework of the original Gasometer Frame has been carefully restored and will take pride of place as the stunning centerpiece for the Gasworks’ proposed plaza – once again lighting the way for Brisbane. The precinct is home to some wonderful boutique groceries and retail stores including a full line Woolworths with an in-store café, a boutique grocer, a high end seafood restaurant and the new up market dining spot Hatch & Co. Lorna Jane has also made her stamp on the site with a retail store and the new Lorna Jane Active Living Room. Hatch & Co hosted the official opening of Gasworks on Thursday evening. The original Gasometer framework came to life as the crowed sipped on champagne and nibbled on tasty canapés while celebrating 140 years since the framework was first constructed. For a full listing of retail outlets at Gasworks or to plan your itinerary, visit the Gasworks Plaza website.   Taylor Fielding