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Taste debate: Raw treats from the Active Living Room Nourish Café

We know there are plenty of you out there who hear the word ‘raw’ and want to run for the nearest doughnut shop. ‘Why waste precious calorie allowances on something that doesn’t even involve real sugar?’ you ask. Here’s why: Because raw clean treats won’t leave you crashing from your Everest sized sugar high later AND they’re good for you. Can you say that about a salted caramel doughnut? To help you decide which raw slice will best set you on the path to a healthier dessert life, we taste tested our way through a few of the Lorna Jane Active Living Room Nourish Café’s sweets. Raw blueberry slice You’ve heard of cashew cheese, now try cashew cream, dotted with blueberries and complemented by a chewy base. Despite not making any attempt to resemble a familiar treat, this raw blueberry slice is nothing short of miraculous. No joke, it will incite you into a clean-eating and lycra wearing frenzy – at least for a week. Bonus, studies show that eating blueberries will make you live for an extra 20 years. Ok, we lie, but this slice sure tastes as though it will extend your lifespan. Raw vegan Snickers cake We have a teeny tiny issue with this raw treat. Snickers are essentially chocolate and caramel covered peanut bars, right? SO WHERE ARE THE PEANUTS, GUYS? If you can get over this teensy bit of false advertising though, and forgive them for substituting cashews, you’ll enjoy four layers of salty, chewy biscuit, chocolate, nougat and vanilla cream. It’s actually a wonder how they manage to make dates, cashews and coconut oil taste like four different things. But seriously, cashews never tasted so good. Or so much like peanuts. raw food brisbane nourish cafes nutellaRaw Nutella slice To be honest, if you’re a die hard Nutella fan, as in a day doesn’t go by when you don’t shove a spoon into the Nutella jar at least once, this probably isn’t the slice for you. But if it’s a sweet, nutty substitute that doesn’t taste of palm oil and fakery that you want, this is for you. The slice is creamy and hazelnutty, while the chocolate sauce on top adds a decadent twist. Plus, you don’t have to worry about what all that palm oil is REALLY doing to your arteries. Lemon and pistachio slice Heavens above! What sort of black magic is at play here, that takes nuts and dates and coconuts (not even a skerrick of cocoa!) and turns them into a sweet treat that tastes like grandma’s kitchen? Coconut laden and oh so zesty, you will eat the whole thing and not regret one bite. Because if this slice could talk, it would say ‘You’re gonna look great on the beach this summer, girrrl.’ Dessert wisely. Words by Ranyhyn Akui