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Taste Debate: Crackers ending in 'Z'

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What’s with every cracker ending in a ‘Z’ these days? And all packaged in largely matching red boxes? I smell a conspiracy… Jatz | Arnott’s The Lindsay Lohan of crackers. A child star, destined to be famous and quite partial to a wine or ten. Big time brownie points for the visible salt topping. Dip date: This crunchy lady requires a smooth fella to balance her out. A nice chilli hummus perhaps? In five: The original and the best. Snapz | Woolworths Select Jatz’s less baked, less salty and ultimately less respectable younger brother. Traumatic box opening experience. Tendency to crack under pressure. Classic case of middle child syndrome really. Dip date: Perhaps a mild guac – he’s a fragile one. In five: Black sheep of the family. Ritz | Nabisco Startlingly sweet with a light citrus tang – though that may have the desk spray. Eerily similar to chicken crimpys?? Much too crumbly for any self respecting dip lover in my humble opinion. Dip date: Gently spread – never dip – and nothing heavier than tzatziki. In five: Purchase a handheld vacuum stat. Crackers Crackerz | Woolworths Homebrand Uber crunchy, perhaps teeth shatteringly so. Strong, sturdy, and not a bad amount of salt either. If houses were made of crackers (imagine that!), then this would be your man. Dip date: Throw away your cheese knives people, even parmesan doesn’t stand a chance against this one. In five: This is one tough cookie. Words by Sam Geldard