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Tasmanian breweries and wineries to sip your way through

I come from a land down under, where beer does flow and wine… does… too.

Tasmania is one of Australia’s, nay, the world’s most underrated holiday destinations. Knocked for being nothing more than an island full of questionable relationships, empty land and literally nothing to do (see: how to offend an entire state until the end of time), we’re here to trump uneducated stereotypes with a little bit of culture, and a lot of beer and wine.

Assuming that you’re now raring and ready to check her out, here are a handful of Tasmanian wineries and breweries to visit on what will be one of the best trips of your life (seriously, we went, we saw, it conquered).



Devil’s Corner

Nobody puts baby in Devil’s Corner, because this one’s for the grown ups. This cheeky winery is a stone’s throw from Coles Bay and Freycinet National Park, making for the perfect post-sightseeing spot to sip. After climbing to the top of a cylindrical lookout and taking a geez out over the ocean, head back down to the cellar door for everything from award-winning pinot noir to sparkling cuvée NV. The devil’s in the details of a Tasmanian grape.

Marion’s Vineyard

Talk about WHOLESOME. Perched on a hill overlooking the tremendous Tamar River, Marion’s Vineyard has been family owned since the summer of 1979, and years of hard work are evident in what stands today. At the top of the driveway (would recommend driving up instead of walking, thank me later) you’ll find the cellar door where Marion herself will guide you through an epic wine tasting session. It’ll be hard to leave without a bottle, and you won’t be complaining (would recommend the Afterglow and syrah).

Derwent Estate

Three generations later and Derwent Estate is glowing! Planted on the historic Mt Nassau property, the vineyard overlooking the Derwent River is as breathtaking as it is the mother of noteworthy wines. With a cellar door full of charming chardonnays, sauv blanc, rieslings and more, it’s the perfect place to spend an arvo with your mates (and a couple of cheese boards). You’ll be glad you went.

Stefano Lubiana Wines

Reminiscent of a villa found in the hills of Italy, Stefano Lubiana Wines’ cellar door is a sight for thirsty eyes. Before tackling a wine tasting full of sparkling, whites and reds, visit on-site restaurant Osteria for dishes featuring biodynamic produce straight from Stefano’s garden. Plus, their sustainable dining principle means that no part of any plant or animal making up the menu will go to waste! We’ll drink to that.

Frogmore Creek

Out of the airport and into Frogmore Creek. Just 20 minutes away from Hobart Airport, Frogmore makes for the perfect first or last wine stopover on your list. The haunting barn-turned-cellar door and restaurant is one of Tasmania’s most tranquil destinations, letting you in on some of the regions finest sips and local wallaby strip-loin roast with horseradish buttermilk, kohlrabi slaw, parsnip puree, 40 degree crispy leek and dried salt bush to be enjoyed alongside glorious hinterland views. Fan-cy.




Willie Smith’s Apple Shed

Even though you’ll be distracted by snowcapped mountains in plain sight, don’t drive past Willie Smith’s Apple Shed without a well-earned stopover. The lodge-esque venue knows their apples (they have an in-venue museum dedicated to over 400 apples, don’t @ them) resulting in unique ciders and dishes riddled with, you guessed it, apples. From home-made apple pie to arancini balls with an addictive fresh apple salad, your daily fruit intake will reach its requirement and then some. Besides, an apple a day…

Little Rivers

From a couple of Burleigh locals turned full-time Tassie residents comes Little Rivers, an all-natural brewing company pumping out everything from European dark lager to East Coast IPA. The super relaxed team will let you bring your own food along while you’re trying new release brews, giving you even more pocket money for an extra bottle of the good stuff. Scream and stout.

Moo Brew

Did someone say beer vending machine?! Moo Brew is the epitome of modern beer culture, with one of the highlights of your visit being a game of beer roulette in which the sentient (probably) vending machine chooses one of six core beer styles to slide your way. In between the magic of that and exploring the exquisitely artistic brewery owned by MONA creator David Walsh, be sure to get your hands on a hefeweizen and a dark ale. Move it or lose it.

Cascade Brewery

After witnessing your car door almost detach and fly off at the top of Mount Wellington, regroup and get down to neighbouring Cascade Brewery. The iconic brewery is one of Tassie’s oldest big boys (having been established in 1824) with a tour taking you through a taste of history before you hit up the Brewhouse for a bite and a brew. Crack open a cold one, tuck into some fish and chips, and take a wander around the gardens.

You’re in flavour country – drink it in.

Words by Nicole Portacha
- the gourmand who just got back from Tasmania, but already misses the heck out of it.