Tap into tapioca at Brisbane’s newest healthful cafe | The Gourmand & Gourmet

Tap into tapioca at Brisbane’s newest healthful cafe

Not one to shy away from new food trends, Brisbane has embraced the rise of the gluten free tapioca crepe with an entire cafe dedicated to it! Showcasing the starch of the cassava root native to South America, Tapioca Gardens in Nundah is the pancake house that the culinary cultured and gluten intolerant will love. These pancakes are thinner and have a slightly more rough texture than the usual fluffy buttermilk stacks, but what they lack in volume they make up for in some great filling options! Choose between the traditional tapioca (the vegan option made on tapioca starch), or the crepioca option which includes eggs and light cream cheese in the batter to make an omelette like consistency. Then it’s time to pick your filling – salmon with avocado, char grilled vegetables, chicken with mushrooms, ham and Swiss cheese and even bacon and eggs feature in the savoury menu. If you’re after something sweet though, try the banana with cinnamon, cream cheese with strawberry jam, berries with yogurt or, the crowd favourite, fruit with Nutella. They wouldn’t be South American without a Brazilian style acai bowl, and they also feature a selection of haloumi, quinoa and salmon based salads. If you’re craving something more doughy though, grab one of their bagels – that’s if you can choose between the likes of the tomato relish cheese fusion, salmon and egg, BLT and the appropriately name big brekky with bacon, egg and sausage. Ready to flip out over crepes with a difference? Tap into Tapioca Gardens! They’re Open 7am to 3pm Monday and Tuesday, and until 8:30pm the rest of the week, so you can even enjoy your pancakes for dinner! Words by Kat Gridley