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Take a trip on the wild side, on the South Side

You’d be forgiven for dismissing Sunnybank as a breakfast go-to, considering its reputation is more aligned with delicious ramen, endless trays of yum-cha and stacks of plates from your sushi feast

 Southside Bistro is here to shatter all your expectations. We understand that a trip so far south needs something truly special. It’s a journey into the unknown and no one wants their Sunday brunch ruined with a sub-par breakfast. But Southside Bistro is not your everyday suburban breakfast fare. You won’t find boring bacon and eggs here. Spanish Potato Tortilla

Breakfast puffle? It had us googling initially, but that’s a Hong Kong egg waffle to everyone playing at home. Regular waffles are so-so and Southside Bistro serves theirs with pork floss, oolong tea eggs, homemade pickles and deep-fried youtiao (Chinese donut sticks). Donuts for breakfast? You donut have to ask us twice!

Prefer the traditional? Your everyday benny just got a whole lot sweeter. Forget packet ham, watery hollandaise, sad spinach and overcooked eggs, the Smoked Belly Benedict features brown sugar smoked pork (!!!!), with a kimchi and lychee salad, ginger and lemon hollandaise and poached eggs. Kath & Kim would call it unusual – we just call it delicious.

Want something on the adventurous side? Try the Okinawa Taco rice. Beef mince reduced with dashi stock, herbs and spices; served lovingly on a bed of steamed rice; topped with melted cheese and fried eggs….TAKE MY MONEY! Miso and maple bacon and chili fried eggs? That’ll spice up your life! With house made baked beans, Asian pickle salad and toasted Turkish bread – this just blew your regular bacon and egg’s out of the water.

Not content with just putting a Mexican/Pan-Asian twist on traditional fare Southside Bistro have added another continent with their rich, spicy French-African style chicken and chorizo gumbo with poached eggs and Mexican rice. Talk about a delicious league of nations! More into wellness than waffles? Southside Bistro is introducing acai and smoothie bowls to their already massive menu – so there is truly something for everyone. So next time you’re planning weekend brunch, broaden your horizons and take a walk on the south side.