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Swooning for swine at Pony Dining

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Here at The Gourmand & Gourmet we take our love of food very seriously. More than just a weekend hobby, for us Brisbane’s food scene is serious business. Striving to highlight the amazing talents of our beloved city, we delightfully celebrate those that are pushing the boundaries of cooking and blowing our minds with innovative concepts. Hearing about Pony Dining’s upcoming culinary adventure, Ask The Chef (about pork), we are more than excited to round up the most carnivorous of our troops and dive fork first into what is promising to be a delectable evening engaging in mutual love and respect for food, wine, and the humble pig. On Tuesday August 26th, a five-course degustation will spotlight every morsel of the delicious pig, expertly prepared by Pony’s head chef (and self confessed meat-aficionado), Damien Draper. Raising the bar with multiple courses to satisfy high standards set by veteran pork eaters, Ask The Chef  will focus on share dining and perfectly matched wine, which, according to Chef Draper, “is exactly how we all should eat, enjoying company and food over conversation.” Ask The Chef  is set to be not only a unique food experience but also a showcase of the ever-evolving talents of one of Brisbane’s long-serving and most proficient chefs. Foodies and pork lovers, this one is not to be missed.  Ask The Chef (about pork) | August 26 – Pony Dining, Eagle Street Pier To purchase tickets phone 0731 813 400 or email events@ponydining.com.au