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Swipe Right to Love IRL!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years you’ll have heard of tinder.

Everyone and anyone is frantically trying to swipe their way to love – but we at the G&G are over it.

Where’s the romance? Where’s the spontaneity? Most importantly – where’s the food?? We’re putting our foot down and swiping left on dating apps and swiping right to finding love IRL. Follow our guide and we guarantee you’ll find love before the year is out!***


There are few things that impress your potential love interest more than a sick pinball score, and our favourite arcade has your back. Grab a cheeky pint of Netherworld Kobolo from Green Beacon and make eyes at that hottie shooting zombies in the corner. Fall in love over BBQ jackfruit loaded fries and vegan mac & cheese whilst playing Cards Against Humanity. Love is just around the corner!


Nothing screams DATE ME quite like shuffling awkwardly to live music. Slip into something stylish and head to Black Bear Lodge. The dreamy, dimly lit (very important), speakeasy-style bar is perfect for testing out your new moves with live music most nights.  Sip on some of their signature cocktails for liquid courage and then cut some sick shapes on the d-floor, you are lord of the dance!


Nothing brings people together quite like hot wings, and the death sentence wing from Yardbird are sure to spice up an evening. Order yourself twenty and grab a beer. Grab two beers. Actually, grab three – these bad boys aren’t messing around. Lock eyes with the cutie digging into some onion rings and get eatin’. They’ll be so impressed with your bravery and skill, they won’t even notice the tears streaming down your face. We guarantee you’ll be Facebook official within a week.


Descend the staircase and leave Brisbane behind, you’re in Brooklyn now baby. Sidle up to the bar and order yourself a boiler maker. Hover near a cutie, consider making a move, but decide against it and order another beer. You try and make eyes at the bartender, they ask if you’re okay? You try and laugh nonchalantly but realise you sound hysterical. You order another boilermaker and scuttle over to a booth. Sipping furiously at your beer you consider calling it a night but suddenly you hear, above the music, ‘hey.’ It’s feint, but distinctive. You look up, it’s the cutie. They ask you to dance and you cut a rug for the rest of the night. Boom, it’s that easy kid.


Anyone looks good after a few whisky apples, and they look ESPECIALLY good when they’re whisky apples from Lefty’s! Line dance your way into someone’s heart in between shots before sharing some chilli fries. Romance is not dead folks, it’s just hiding in Mermaid Bar. Heck, if the night goes really well there might even be a new bra hanging from the taxidermy moose.


Let the watchful eyes of Brad Pitt and Tom Selleck guide you to love as you make your way into Bettys Bar. Let Cat make you a brown sugar old fashioned. Sip it slowly as you recline on the velvet couch and observe the room. Notice a babe in the corner tapping their foot to Modern English and make your move. Bond over your shared love for craft beers and pugs. Order another round and a pizza from Uber Eats. Discuss your hopes and dreams and book in for matching tattoos.

So delete the app and order an uber, love is waiting! 

***The author is wildly single, her advice is almost definitely flawed.

Words by Emma Callaghan