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Sweets for the Sweet

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*This venue is now closed* In the beverage industry, if  there is one thing you learn fast, it’s “that sugar to drinks is like salt to food”. It enhances flavor and accentuates taste.  Maybe Mary Poppins had a few stints in the bar tending world before her child minding days: “ Just a teaspoon of sugar helps the medicine go down, the medicine go down, the medicine go down just teaspoon of sugar helps the medicine go in the most delightful way” At Sling Lounge we use a multitude of sugars and syrups to uplift our creative cocktails and drinks. In molecular mixology process the most important sugar we use is the addition of what we call High fructose sugar, which is a little different to your everyday white house, hold sugar. High fructose sugar is twice as sweet as normal, lasts twice as long on the palate and gives the consumer a much rounder and fuller feeling as it sits on the palate. It takes longer to absorb allowing the consumer to access the flavor experience from memory much longer. For instance you might purchase one of Sling Lounges exquisite cocktails, you consume this tasty beverage with vigor and then proceed to get on the with whatever your doing. Now what the high fructose sugar does with out you knowing is as it sits on the palate and is slowly absorb is continually reminding you like an old friend how tasty, sweet and pleasurable that drink was and that its probably a good idea that you purchase another very soon so you can experience how damn good it was again. We at Sling Lounge appreciate high fructose sugars complete commitment to service and beverage sales and that’s why we continue its employment.  Making high fructose sugar is a simple process of creating a sugar stock out of water and sugar (the best dilutions are 1:1 or 2:1 sugar to water) then adding a food acid,  generally is a citrus juice, and slowly simmer this for an hour while the acid breaks down and restructures the sugar molecules producing the high fructose we are after. So next time your at the bus stop or doing the grocery shopping and your thinking to yourself god damn I could do with a tasty Mai tai or a supercharged Zombie at Sling Lounge don’t blame, us blame the sugar. Want to know more about Molecular Mixology? Check out Dustin’s previous article A New Way of Perception.  Dustin Davis