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The G&G guide to 2019’s Sunnybank $2 Food Trail

Forty-seven retailers. One hundred and forty pan-Asian dishes. Two-dollar meals.

We may have failed maths in high school, Brisbane, but when it comes to navigating the flavourful maze that is 2019’s Sunnybank $2 Food Trail, we have it all figured out!

In no particular order, here’s the G&G’s two cents on where your two dollars should go on Saturday, June 22’s Sunnybank $2 Food Trail.

Kafe Café | Mochi Ice cream

Avoid saying dang(o) and make Kafe Café’s your first stop as their delicious mochi ice cream always sells out fast! A unique and melt-worthy take on a popular Japanese sweet treat, Kafe’s mochi ice cream is one definitely worth cashing your coins for.

Grandma Liu’s Meat Pies | Chinese Pork Pies

In Grandma Liu’s we crust. Far from nanna’s usual apple pie specialty, Grandma Liu’s is all about delish meat pastries, including her famous Chinese pork pies that are a must-eat for those who have yet to try!

3 Kingdoms | Sichuanese Tofu

Don’t think we forgot about vegetarian friends! Be sure to plant yourself in front of the spicy Sichuanese Tofu dish at 3 Kingdoms, which is just one of many vegetarian meals available during this year’s trail! You can find the full vege-friendly map here.

Golden Dumpling | Shallot Pancakes

Here’s one we love shallot! A Chinese flatbread sprinkled with flavour, the shallot pancakes are a go to for those who love the savoury things in life. You can catch them hot at Golden Dumpling before retreating to the nearby dining area to enjoy the live music (and perhaps catch a lion dance passing by)!

Southside Bistro | Milk Tea Puffle

Combing bubbles with puffles – can you name a sweeter recipe? Kick it to Sunnypark’s Southside bistro to nab their highly Insta-worthy and delicious milk tea puffle drizzled in chocolate sauce.

Happy Bowl | Nem Nuong

You can’t go wrong with Nem Nuong, a favourite amongst children and adults alike! The delicious smoky-sweet Vietnamese street skewer can be picked up from Happy Bowl, which is also part of the little foodie’s trails (for the gourmands bringing their ankle biters along for the ride)!

Hot Cake House | Taiwanese Teddy Bear Cakes

Speaking of the little foodie’s trail, the super cute and delicious Taiwanese teddy bear cakes are yet another snack to add to your Sunnybank Food Trail bucket list! Courtesy of Hot Cake House, the teddy bear cakes are exclusive to this event, so be sure to pick one up while they last.  

That Viet Place | Beef Pho Noodle Soup

Can’t go without pho? So Viet. For those after authentic pho for the sweet price of a single gold coin, look no further than That Viet Place in Sunnypark, where one can snap up a delicious beef or pork tamarind pho noodle soup.

Sunni Bakery | Cream Filled Buns

Life’s better enjoyed Sunni side up! Your foodie adventure is not complete without a bite of Sunni Bakery’s irresistible cream-filled buns that come in green tea and custard flavours.

As for those who love to bake the goods as much as eating baked goods, rumour has it that celebrity chef Georgia Barnes will be hosting live cooking demos next door throughout the day!

Korean Chicken &. | Fried Chicken

Your wallet may be empty (and your tummy filled), but we suggest spending your last gold coin at this newcomer to the foodie trail! Fly into Korean Chicken &. to enjoy their crispy fried chicken dressed in your choice of sweet chilli or tasty honey soy garlic sauce.


Happy hunting!

Words by Jacqueline Pon
- the gourmand taking the path most tasty this Sunnybank Food Trail.