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Summer Lovin' : What we're eating this summer!

Ever fallen in love with food? We’re not technically scientists but we’re pretty sure that it’s humanly possible to fall head over heels for a saucy little dish. If you’re looking for a bit of summer lovin’, we’ve got a few bites we think you should meet. They’re here for a good time, not a long time, and they definitely know how to satisfy your hunger. Here’s everything that we’re eating this summer, and hey, we’re not afraid to share.
Octopthi Pasto | The Greek Club | South Brisbane
Talk about seizing the day – The Greek Club’s octopthi pasto is taking Brisbane by storm. This dish is a shore winner, with char grilled octopus marinated with Greek herbs, chili and balsamic vinegar. Pass the pasto!
Camemberry Christmas Burger | Miss Kay’s | Various locations
Okay Miss Kay, we’ll admit that you know what you’re doing. Encapsulating the spirit of Christmas in a burger, you can get your hands on a Camemberry Christmas Burger with chicken, fried stuffing, camembert and cranberry sauce. S-l-e-i-g-h.
Paleo fried chicken | Wilde Kitchen | Teneriffe
You know we like our chicken fried. And when we can call it healthy? That’s a double order, please and thank you. With Wilde’s own secret spices, and paired with kimchi and broccolini, this is one indulgence that won’t destroy our beach bod.
Eggnog Panna Cotta | The Jam Pantry | Greenslopes
What do you get when you take eggnog and mix it with panna cotta? An eggsellent dish. We’re not kidding, this stuff is legit. Plus it comes with fresh fruit for that fitness model meal. #cleaneating
Watermelon soft serve | Double Good | Eat Street Hamilton
Watermelon soft serve served in a watermelon. Now say that five times fast. Seriously though, water you waiting for? You need this in your life!
Chirashi Salad | Saké | Eagle Street Pier
Sashimi is sa good, so why not make it even better by welcoming it into the salad of all salads. This one would convert the anti-salad himself, including sashimi, masago, netta, lettuce and yuzu dressing. Turns out you do make friends with salad.
BLAT Tacos | The Coop Bistro | Fortitude Valley
We need to taco bout something, and that something is BLAT freaking TACOS. Your classic Aussie combo is meeting its Mexican match, and you will not be disappointed. Did we mention that it also has fried chicken? Yeah, wow.
Summer Bowl | Farm House | Kedron
Those summer days when it feels almost too hot to eat? (We said almost). Our sticky-morning saviour is Farm House’s summer bowl, packed with avocado, raw beetroot salad,  spinach and confit garlic hommus. Do yourself a favour and add the haloumi.
Christmas jar cakes | The Mason Baker | Order online
Mason jars were made for cake (probably not but don’t test us), so The Mason Baker is right on the money. You can get a banging sticky date or Christmas pudding with Maggie Beer’s brandy butter sauce. Heck yes! Need summer that in your life? Get to it, the season is young. Words by Nicole Portacha