The Best Restaurants In West End, Brisbane

Suburban foodies: West End

Restaurants In West End Brisbane

If you’re seeking a bar, brew, brunch or banquet, the cultural hot pot of West End has it all…

It seems like there’s a different restaurant, café or bar on every corner in the 4101, and it’s easy to see why people are calling it the inner-city foodie haven! We know it can seem a bit overwhelming, so we’ve taken the leg work out of finding the best there is to eat in West End.


La Lupa is the cosy neighbourhood pizza joint that has settled right into West End with authenticity well and truly at its heart. Their custom oven churns out your favourite bianche and rosse based pizzas with an antipasti menu complete with all of your Italian favourites to mix and match as a snack in anticipation of the main event. 


Bender’s Bar is the cool kid on the block, courtesy of one of the old kids on the block, with one primary focus: the humble burger.

ICYMI, Billykart West End got a bit of a rep for having one helluva cheeseburger so they opened a joint across the road that’s completely devoted to it. If you’re not in the mood for beef, wrap your mouth around chicken sandos, crumbed fish burgers and crispy hot wings. And, for the love of God, order a side of truffle fries. 


This West End icon has been serving up authentic Asian eats for years and has established itself as a beloved eatery in the area. You’ll find the sidewalk bustling with people slurping on pho, crunching on Vietnamese rice noodle salads and breathing fire over fragrant curries. Both BYO and dog friendly, we’re not sure what else you need…


We don’t want to blow your mind but… breakfast carbonara. Pappardelle, 63-degree eggs, field mushrooms, smoked pancetta and manchego combine to create something that shouldn’t work for breakfast but absolutely does.


With a menu that perfectly fuses modern Australian, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean flavours, Ehden Bar & Kitchen serves lunch, dinner, and bar snacks with pure class. Enjoy happy hours filled with oysters and cocktails, or get comfy in the alfresco space with a glass of red and a slab of lamb moussaka, and live your absolute best life.


Finally! A place where it is totally legit to eat fried rice for breakfast! WECH’s fried rice with marinated pulled pork and fresh veg is the tasty northern Thai breaky that’s been waking West End locals up for as long as we can remember. 


As the name suggests, Little Red Dumpling knows dumps and boy, do they do them well. From pan-fried to steamed and everything in between, you can’t go past the xiao long bao filled with fragrant soup or the wontons in red chilli sauce. Mix it up with cumin lamb ribs or one of their noodle soups and you’re onto a winner, winner, dumpling dinner! 


For American-style pies with all your favourite fillings and crumble-tastic crusts, it’s gotta be Pie Town. The cute spot sits pretty on Montague Road with cabinets full of warm savoury treats, desserts, and beauties with a foot on each side (we’re looking at you, pumpkin pie).


Nordic-chic comes to West End in this cute house-turned-café in the backstreets of the ‘burb. Open for breakfast and lunch, the comprehensive menu covers everything from light breakies to lunchtime burgers, curries, lattes and freshly-squeezed juices. 


West End meets London at Covent Garden where gin lovers can rejoice at having their own lush garden oasis in which to celebrate their favourite tipple. You’d know by now never to drink on an empty stomach… Luckily Covent Garden offers a fully gluten-free menu of share plates, boards, bigger dishes, and desserts. How very responsible. 

So yeah, West End is pretty stacked with oodles for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and kick-ons. Frankly, we never want to leave. 


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Words by Nikki Shields and Elizabeth Markwell
- The gourmands who know West is best.