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Suburban foodies: Stafford

The ‘burbs. Once a place of minivans, school runs, and the odd fish and chip shop, they’re now places brimming with Italian restaurants, freshly brewed coffee, and gourmet brunches.

Stafford is no different. The northern suburb was originally called the ‘Happy Valley’ and we’re starting a petition to rename it that – purely because our stomachs are completely overjoyed by the food that it has to offer. Delicious food is just a short drive north away!

Prova Pizzeria 

This authentic Italian wood fired pizza place has sixteen delicious pizzas to choose from, which means you have sixteen tasty excuses to skip the city and head north. Their menu boasts such pizzas as ‘The Gamberi’ – soft dough topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella, fresh prawns and chilli – a build-your-own charcuterie board, and dessert calzones filled with Nutella and banana. So, if you’re leaning towards Italian food like the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Prova Pizzeria is the place to go.


We’re not sure if it’s their delicious menu or a love elixir, but this coffee house has got us falling head over heels for their food. Our romance began with the family-owned roasting house when we heard about their specialty brews and developed into a full-blown relationship over brunch. Their breakfast and classics were enough to make us want a second date, but cinnamon and vanilla French Toast with raspberry honey & tea sorbet sealed the deal. Things are getting so serious, we’re shopping for rings.

The Heights

Fighting off those indulgent hunger cravings can be hard, but if we’re being honest, we don’t even pretend to consider a salad. We’re all about the classic feel-good feeds, and with burgers, fries, and more, The Heights has us covered. You’ll feel sky high when you’re indulging succulent ribs, steak and wings – and early birds will be thrilled to know they stock Fonzie Abbott coffee. Waking up has never felt this good. 

Pod Espresso 

Feeling a little depresso without your morning espresso? Don’t worry, because Stafford has delivered the caffeinated goods with Pod Espresso. This hole-in-the-wall café will put a smile on your dial with their smooth coffee, wholesome light breakfasts and quick lunches. Grab an acai bowl to stop you from acai-ing over that Monday morning grind, or the sweet potato cakes to put a little sweetness into the Friday struggle.

Nana & Da’s 

Everyone knows that the best food comes from your grandparent’s house, and it’s a rule that you can’t leave there without a smile and a full tummy. This tradition is no different at Nana & Da’s., where you’ll feel just like you’re in grandma’s kitchen. Breakfasts include such treats as granola and raspberry pannacotta, pancakes, and cinnamon donut French Toast, while the lunch menu is filled with such delights as the loaded cheese Kransky. If you ask nicely, you might just get the staff to wave at you from the front porch the way all grandparents do.

Fuzzy Duck 

If you’re plucking feathers over where to go for a brunch, this vibrant, quirky café is perfect. The all-day brunch menu is filled with plenty of regulars like the big breakfast, smashed avo on toast, and eggs benedict, but specials like the banana flour pancakes with coconut jam and macadamia nut ice cream have really got us quacking. For lunch, grab one of the classics like burgers, salads, and fish and chips. Forget the dark side. Welcome to the north side.

Words by Kate Stevens