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Suburban foodies: Graceville

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The leafy little suburban village that is Graceville is just about overflowing with dining options. Delis, cafes, butcher and seafood supply lines the main streets, it even boasts its own movie theatre. To the locals that call Graceville home, it’s no wonder that neighbouring diners from surrounding suburbs regularly hop the border to nom in their ‘hood. We’ve done the arduous task (we know, it’s a hard life) of finding just some (because there is a lot) of the tastiest fare that graces this fine area. Three Girls Skipping | Honour Avenue One of the famed favourites in this foodie epicentre is the playful Three Girls Skipping. With an all day breakfast menu and dinner from Thursday – Saturday, there’s plenty of opportunity to try everything on the menu – and you’ll want to. Serving Genovese coffee, pair it with the house-made polenta cake, which begs to be described as (and we don’t use this word lightly) moist. Fraiche Deli | Graceville Avenue Across the tracks on Graceville Avenue, you’ll find a side serve of cheeky banter with your Veneziano flat white. Taking regular catering orders and serving a full breakfast menu as well as a cabinet stocked with fraiche-ly made salads, sandwiches and pastry, this cosy deli and cafe is a regular pit stop for gym-goers and commuters on the way to work. Must tries are the breakfast tart with a side of the roasted vegetable salad and weekend only eggs benedict. Miettes Boulangerie | Graceville Avenue Once you’ve grabbed your breakfast and some shaved Barossa ham from Fraiche Deli, walk right next door for talk of the town baguettes, cakes, pies, sourdough, croissants, rolls…okay you get the picture. Sorry gluten avoiders, this place might not be for you, but for everyone else, it’s Mmmmmmiettes. If specialties breads are your thing, so is this place. Also, get a cronut. Lick! Ice Cream | Honour Avenue You’ve had dinner and you’re about to get your #feminist on with the 8.30 screening of Suffragette at Regal Twin – it’s ice cream time. You might need to get a move on though, because deciding between the ridiculously creamy flavours at Lick! Ice Cream will make even the most resolute feel indecisive. Ice cream in flavours like caramel and miso, Turkish apple tea sorbet, baklava – and we’re not even onto the doffles (donut waffles) or banana split yet. Goodness Gracious | Oxley Road Having been open for just a little over a year now, Goodness Gracious is queen of trying something a little bit different and owning it. Mango tapioca pudding, fennel tarte tartin with shaved jamon and carrot ketchup, and candied beetroot with haloumi and eggs – it’s all been on the menu here. Now you know why it’s called Goodness Gracious. Riverside Seafood Cafe | Graceville Avenue It’s hard to go wrong with good old fish’n’chips, but at Riverside Seafood Cafe, they have it oh-so right, also serving fresh seafood off the ice for you to cook at home. Riverside Seafood don’t discriminate to just the ocean (or riverside) to create their deliciousness either. Bacon and steak burgers grace their menu as well as pineapple fritters and chikko rolls. Back to the seafood though, if you only leave the place with one thing, make sure it’s a double serving of the calamari. Ananas Espresso | Central Avenue French for pineapple Ananas might be, but you’ll go bananas for the Texas slow cooked spicy beans, made with pork mince, bacon, and a generous pinch of cayenne pepper here. Popular with locals every day of the week for a breakfast or Genovese coffee, the specials will have those living further afield coming back, with the likes of buckwheat waffles with honey labneh and fresh berries. Little Greek Cuzina | Park Terrace Say hello-umi to the new comer to the Graceville food family that is Little Greek Cuzina. You’ll find all the usual Greek favourites on the menu, as well as more exotic eats like soutzoukakia (don’t ask us to pronounce it) – tomato salsa covered beef meatballs on a bed of rice, or the gemista – capsicum or tomatoes stuffed with a mixture of rice, ground beef, herbs mixture and lemon potatoes. If you’re not from the area, you’ll be grateful you heard about Graceville! Words by Moira Kennedy