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Suburban foodies: Gaythorne

Maybe the peeps in Gaythorne like to eat and drink just a little bit more than their north west cousins, or maybe it’s just coincidence, but the food scene in Gaythorne is kind of impressive. Making leaps and bounds when it comes to setting themselves apart from their inner city competition, local eateries are unpretentious and laidback but still totally focussed on serving up delicious meals for anytime of day. Whether you live in the ‘burb or you just pass through on the regular, we’re about to make your next meal time a gay time. Seven Stones | 318 Wardell St Your eyes (and mouth) will go wide when you catch sight of Seven Stones big breakfast amongst all the Easter Island heads – rib fillet, pork sausages, haloumi, bacon, mushrooms AND egg? Even we’d be hard pressed to finish that off. And for dinner, which you can also get takeaway (winning!), the Inferno pizza is another challenge, topped with pepperoni, jalapenos, chorizo and chilli flakes, all finished off with super-hot bird’s eye chilli. Not for the faint of stomach! Hansel & Gretel | 2/281 Pickering St Anywhere that’s lets us build our own breakfast with a list of sides longer than the actual breakfast menu gets the tick in our books. Sure you could pick from a fairytale inspired brekky like the Woodchopper’s Breakfast or Chicken Little (tee hee), but we’ll be piling our plates high with corn bread, triple smoked bacon, avocado and haloumi cheese. And some BBQ pork shoulder for good measure. The whole mix ‘n’ match breakfast thing goes too well with their mix ‘n’ match décor to pass up! The Gypsies Wagon | 3/281 Pickering St A dive bar, bistro and burger joint all in one, Gypsies Wagon was offering up killer US and Mexican inspired feeds before it was cool (and we all got totally over burger joints). You’ll get over your weariness of burgers once you catch site of their buns though, with fillings like jalepeno honey butter chicken (holy fork!) and BBQ bourbon pork on offer. If not, just duck in for Tex-Mex on Thursdays! gaythorne restaurants delicatezzaDelicatezza | 4/43 Blackwood St To introduce Delicatezza as a deli-come-café wouldn’t do it justice, but in essence, that’s what you’ll find at this suburban eatery. Diners who stop by can eat in and experience the home-style cooking, with everything down to the basil infused olive oil made in house, or they can take away ingredients such as handmade relish to whip up their own masterpieces at home. We’ll take some to go, but definitely hang around for a meal too, because pancake specials like blueberry pancakes with caramel apple, brown sugar crumbs and ice cream are too good to pass up! Grub Street | 440 Samford Rd There’s nothing that will give you suburban food fatigue on Grub Street’s menu. In fact, you’ll be avoiding the city just so you can try more of their ever changing menu. From the zucchini and tofu pancakes with baba ghanoush and carrot marmalade to the coconut crumbed chicken breast and brie burger, plus plenty of vegetarian options, there’ll be something to feast your adventurous tastebuds on at any time of day. Amazing Thai | Corner Samford and Gaythorne Rds Delicious, authentic Thai food is often hidden away in the ‘burbs, and Amazing Thai is one of those places whispered among people in the know – and their name certainly doesn’t lie. Serving up all those Thai favouites just the way they’re supposed to be made (with plenty of spice and a decent amount of coconut rice), they’ll make your next takeaway dinner gourmet. If you’re craving something with a bit of heat and plenty of meat, their red curry with BBQ duck is thai-riffic, and best eaten with a side of golden pork wontons. Even if you don’t live in the area, we think these Gaythorne restaurants and cafes should make it onto your foodie bucket list! Words by Kate Bethune and Ranyhyn Akui Photo credit: Melissa Hartfiel