Best Restaurants In Banyo & Geebung, Brisbane

Suburban Foodies: Banyo & Geebung

Banyo & Geebung Restaurants

It’s no secret that the north side is bursting with popular foodie spots but as far as we’re concerned our good friends Banyo and Geebung don’t quite get the attention they deserve.

After scoping the area, you know, in the name of research (*cough* and cakes), we’ve decided to let you in on these well-kept secrets that’ll have you travelling a little bit further for your next meal.

Putia Pure Foods Kitchen | Banyo

With a focus on fresh, locally sourced produce and wholesome meals that are packed with flavour it’s no wonder Putia has people coming from miles around. You can pop in for breakfast and lunch from Wednesday until Sunday, grab a little something sweet from their dessert cabinet, or if you’re feeling adventurous, book in for one of the cooking classes run by chef Dominique Rizzo that’ll really up your kitchen game.

Indus Café Express | Geebung 

Indulge in Indian at this exceptional eatery. Bringing authentic flavours to Geebung, these curries, samosas and potato bondas are irresistible – and if the smell doesn’t get you in the door, the vegetarian and gluten-free options sure will. Not in the mood to eat out? Order your meal online for a feast at home. 

Site Café | Banyo

This café is definitely a Site for sore eyes (or an empty tummy). Whether you pop in for their giant brekky cook-ups or a fresh salad or wrap for lunch, it’s hard to go wrong at this family-run spot. We guarantee a good start to your day after the pumpkin and zucchini fritters with beetroot mousse, avocado, housemade labna, tomato relish and rocket.

Banyo Thai & Aussie Restaurant | Banyo 

We go together like bread and butter, like Mariah Carey and herself, and… Thai and Aussie? Banyo Bowls Club isn’t just the place to throw down some serious balls, but to have a feast combining two cuisines we wouldn’t have thought could work, but do. Indulge in spring rolls, garlic prawns, chicken parmy, fillet steak and Panang curries, and finish the night strong with coconut sticky rice and ice cream. 

Nutri Hitt | Geebung

If you’ve ever thought “why can’t cake be healthy?” as you shoveled your fifth slice of cheesecake into your face then we’ve got some good news for you. Nutri Hitt’s raw vegan treats are free of refined sugar and additives and packed with nutrients so you don’t have to stage an intervention on yourself if you eat more than one slice.

Budgie’s Pizza and Pasta | Banyo 

Homemade and family-owned, this Italian eatery is Banyo’s best when it comes to fresh pizza and pasta. With over 26 pizza flavours and 22 pasta flavours, you’ll have to be rolled out the door once you’re done here. Curb your sweet tooth with a healthy serving of sorbet to seal the deal. 

All Inn Brewing | Banyo

Welcome to your new weekend drinks destination where you can sit back and relax while you sip on ice cold beer and munch away to your heart’s content on your favourite food truck eats. With live music, All Inn Brewing’s boutique brews on tap and food truck pop-ups, you’ll wish you had a personal Uber driver to get you there and back every weekend.

Bite my Biscuit | Geebung

Sorry Grandma, but these are the best bikkies in town. With every flavour and variety of biscuit you’ve ever heard of adorning the shelves it’ll take some pretty strong willpower to walk out with less than half a dozen, but with freshly baked macadamia and white chocolate shortcakes who needs willpower? We know we won’t have to Nudge-e you to get you to the north side soon! 

Words by Kate Streader