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Spring flavours take over Delfina’s Bistro

Our philosophy in life being something along the lines of ‘food is life,’ anywhere that’s all about creating great memories over a good meal with friends and family is going to be a winner in our books. Back it up with a delicious modern Australian menu with a European twist and fabulous cocktails and we’ve found ourselves a new favourite spot to get together with the gang for a special occasion. Now well and truly settled into the Emporium precinct in the Valley, Delfina’s Bistro is all about family. Family owned, family inspired and creating families of food babies at every meal, the restaurant is a testament to the idea that good food and good wine can make any family gathering enjoyable (even if you have to sit next to strange Aunt Maud). Their new spring menu is the ultimate excuse to head in for a feast if you’re yet to sample their fare (or even if you have). Created by Head Chef Matt Ostrenski, who’s extensive experience shows on the menu and on the plate, the new line-up features so many drool-worthy dishes you’ll want to bring your friends, family and even your neighbours along so you can sample it all. Start your shared meal with tempura battered soft shell crab doused in chilli soy dressing and cold smoked salmon on an intriguing bed of vanilla and wasabi beetroot. For mains, the meals for two are best if you’re willing to share, and you can continue the seafood theme with whole fried fish dished up with charred greens. fortitude valley restaurants delfinas 2 Prefer something you can really sink your teeth into? The slow cooked lamb shoulder is our personal favourite from the new menu, though you might end up with a damaged friendship fighting over the last tender, bite. Just be sure to order an entire side of the crispy potatoes with chorizo and thyme for yourself – there is no sharing those bad boys. Dessert (which you should never split – we don’t care what grandma said about sharing) is a fairly French affair, featuring chocolate brulee with malt ice cream, a fluffy caramel soufflé and zingy mandarin meringue tart. But you could just skip it in favour of cheese and cocktails – while we would normally NEVER tell you to give up dessert, for these sweet cocktails, we’ll make an exception. With a classy interior filled with cute nicknacks and velvet armchairs just like you’d find at Nanna’s house, the restaurant is just place for taking time out to eat, drink and be merry. Named for the owner’s extraordinary grandmother, Delfina’s even features a quirky family tree, with photographs of the grandmothers of the owners, the staff and even a few loyal patrons. You can see it tucked away in the private dining room, where groups of up to 24 can enjoy an intimate feast. Got something bigger in mind? Book out the whole place for a luxurious evening. You’ll find Delfina’s Bistro at Emporium, 1000 Anne Street, Fortitude Valley, open for lunch and dinner Tuesday to Sunday. Words by Ranyhyn Akui