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Spotlight on The Noosa Seafood Market

Anything with Noosa in the title is generally a winner in the G&G books (the beaches, the chocolate factory, enough said), and we have a growing infatuation with the Noosa Seafood Market. With a range of products dubbed ‘good mood food’ for being so darn easy to take home and cook up for tea, you’ll certainly be feeling cheerful vibes after treating yourself to the goodness they have on offer. The Noosa Seafood Market is a produce provider that prides themselves on fresh, healthy seafood goodies, hand-made and locally sourced in Noosa and ready for cooking. Close enough to the water that fresh really means fresh, they work hand in hand with fisherman to gain access to beautiful ingredients they craft into a range of delicious products ready to take home, prepare, and enjoy. Better yet, they practice nose to tail cooking, using everything from fillets to fish cheeks (apparently the best part – who knew?) in their products to promote sustainable fishing. seafood brisbane 2Australian prawns, salmon gyoza, snapper and quinoa burgers and chilli crab soup are just a few of goodies you can find at a grocery store near you, all made using the most delicious and sustainable wild caught fish and hand made by a specialty chef in the Noosa Seafood Market kitchen. You can even find tips and recipes for them on the website, or chat to the chef himself if you’re ever at the Noosa store, though the goodies themselves are available Brisbane-wide. What’s good for the ocean is good for us, and Noosa Seafood Market’s focus on sustainable fishing and using as much of a catch as possible sounds like a reason to eat more of their scrumptious products to us! Prawn and scallop ravioli for dinner 7 nights a week, here we come. Sea what all the fuss is about and check out the Noosa Seafood Market website for more delicious details. Water you waiting for? Words by Lucille Burkitt