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Spotlight on Garlicious Garlic

What’s so good about garlic? According to Garlicious Grown, there’s plenty to love about this humble kitchen staple, and more than enough to take your weekend antipasto plate to the next level. Garlicious Grown are all about the goodness of Australian-grown black garlic, grown and produced just outside of Canberra. And, no, black garlic isn’t a secret variety of hipster garlic you’ve never heard of. It’s a cooking technique involving a balance of temperature control and humidity to produce jet-black pockets of flavour. This precise preparation produces sweet caramelized goodness with soft molasses and umami flavours so good you’ll want to polish off the entire jar in one sitting. Bonus, there are no added preservatives or sneaky ingredients, just pure, delicious garlic! Not only is this gourmet treat delicious on anything from roasts to crackers to your morning omelette, but black garlic is also considered a superfood and is incredibly high in antioxidants and other good stuff. And before you start worrying you’ll need a full packet of breath mints after a mouthful, because black garlic gives all the goodness of garlic without the after-affects! So you can kiss bae away, no worries. Garlicious Grown’s current range includes caramelised black garlic, smoked garlic and garlic powders for all of your seasoning needs – including a rosemary number that just begs to be sprinkled liberally over a mouthwatering roast lamb. Trust us when we say you need this garlic in your life and find them at Superior Fruit, Graceville, or order them online on the Garlicious Grown website. Words by Jessica Gregory