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Spice up your drink - Where to find spicy liquor in Brisbane

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So here’s an interesting question, how do you improve on such alcoholic favourites like rum, whiskey and vodka? Well, you add spices of course. Sailor Jerry’s spiced rum | The Wine Emporium Sailor Jerry’s one of our favourites. Created in honour of tattoo legend Norman ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins, (he inked the fighting men of the pacific for over forty years), this rum is a blend of premium Caribbean rums that is infused with a spice mixture. The notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla and burnt toffee work brilliantly in a range of cocktails, give it a go next time you order a Mai Tai. Kraken | Craft Red Hill The Kraken black spiced rum is a deep and heady concoction. Made in the Virgin Islands of the Caribbean using sweet local molasses and natural yeasts to ferment, it then spends up to 24 months in oak barrels before being blended with a mixture of spices including cinnamon, ginger and cloves. Although this rum is great on its own we really can’t go past using it for a Dark and Stormy, this exotic take on the traditional cocktail is the perfect storm. Fireball cinnamon whisky | Stewarts Wine Co Fireball cinnamon whiskey is a Canadian tipple that tastes like heaven, but burns like hell. This whiskey is diabolical, heavily flavoured with spicy cinnamon. It’s great as a shot on its own but even better in a Hot Toddy or mixed with hot chocolate. Bloody Mary vodka | Vintage Cellars Belvedere ‘Bloody Mary’ vodka was created to be the perfect base to make the famous cocktail. Belvedere macerate tomatoes, red peppers, chilli, lemon peel, horseradish and black pepper in their premium vodka, this process gives the base product an amazing flavour and when used in a Bloody Mary it ramps all the flavours up to the next level.